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trouble with flexible working part II

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chocbiscuits Thu 09-Aug-07 21:55:54

I'm the one that was suddenly told she had to go in to work three days a week instead of two to 'drink cups of tea with people' as per trouble with flexible working (see below).
Tears , mega stress and emails about contract law to bosses later and I think think it's going to be OK. Phew! Has been really stressful but so far have managed without union involvment or tribunals on the cards, just advice from a staff rep. One of the bosses was making out I was just emailing my direct bosses but actually he was secretly copying several other people including head of HR. Apparantly someone thought it was all a bit underhand and so it seems to be OK. Hooray for them! Luckily they didn't have a leg to stand on about my productivity as have been jolly productive! Brilliant, thank you!

Have got one question though - if as I have done, told them we are working on a verbal contract for me going to work two days a week, what would happen if I get pregnant again and go on maternity leave?

When I come back are they going to say - we won't agree to less than three days in the office?
Any ideas?

Choc bics

flowerybeanbag Fri 10-Aug-07 08:21:20

So you are now working on the basis of 2 days a week in the office, yes?
Ideally you should get a proper amendment to your contract letter so it's all in writing. Ask your staff rep or HR contact about that. If I remember correctly, that was part of the problem last time?

However if you continue to work 2 days in the office, and there are no problems, that then becomes contractual. So if you get pregnant and then later go on maternity leave, you would be going off on the basis that your current contract is 2 days in the office.
Presumably even if you are pregnant now or planning to be in the v near future, you going off on maternity leave is still a way away and you coming back is even further away, so I wouldn't worry about it unduly yet. A lot can change in that time, for you and at work.
Just keep doing what you are doing, get a contract amendment in writing if you can, keep being productive as you are being.
If you are still doing 2 days successfully when you go off on maternity leave your return should be on that basis, as your 2 days in the office would be considered part of your contract.

Having said that, if 2 days doesn't work, if you become less productive, etc, if problems arise, you could have an issue. As I said last time, there may be a provision in your contract for varying work location if they need to, and they can force through a contract change (with difficulty and after consultation), if they genuinely need to for business reasons.

SO to sum up (sorry has turned into a bit of an essay), you need to
1) see if you can get the amendment in writing so everyone is clear. They may put something in the letter about regularly reviewing the situation to check it's still working, and reserving the right to revert back if business reasons require it.
2)Keep working hard, being productive, addressing any issues quickly, and if they don't ask for a review of the situation, ask for it yourself. Be proactive about it, so that it becomes a positive discussion about how well it is going.

chocbiscuits Sat 11-Aug-07 22:41:02

Dear flowerybeanb,

I'm not sure this is all over yet but thanks very much for yr help!

Choc bisc

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