Redundancy and suitable alternative employment

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CatsnRabbits Fri 13-Sep-19 17:21:02

I have 2 part time jobs, 15 hours in a healthcare role and 22.5 in 3rd sector job. At my 3rd sector job changes have been on the cards for a while, and now we have all had 'at risk of redundancy' letters and an initial meeting. At my other job there is the opportunity to apply for 22.5 more hours making it full time. I would like to take this job, it's better money and benefits. The ideal solution would be to get made redundant, get my redundancy pay and take up the extra hours with my other employer.
The trouble is that my 3rd sector manager is talking about putting a new role in place for me, so coming up with a new job which I can move into instead of being made redundant. She doesn't know about my other opportunity. Can they just change my job like that? My current job will effectively be obsolete as I am a project manager of a social business and the business is closing, therefore any new job will be significantly different job description wise, although it might utilise my skills in a different way. Thanks.

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flowery Fri 13-Sep-19 21:46:46

If your role is redundant your employer should look for alternative employment for you. If they offer a suitable alternative role, and you refuse it, you will lose your entitlement to redundancy pay. Whether a job is suitable depends on the terms and conditions (salary, hours, location etc) and on whether it is a good match for your skills.

YobaOljazUwaque Fri 13-Sep-19 22:37:17

As flowery said you can lose your right to redundancy if they offer a suitable alternative role and you turn it down. However, they have to show that it is a reasonable replacement and you might be able to prove that offering you a full time role instead of a half time role isn't a reasonable replacement. (But I am not a lawyer)

You can ask about voluntary redundancy but if they actually want to keep you, it may be tricky to get that. It is OK to say that you are committed to your other employer too and have no wish to give that job up. You do not have to mention that the other job could become more hours.

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