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If I give nanny a flat, can I ask her to accept lower pay?

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Owlie Thu 09-Aug-07 17:21:42

I have just bought a flat very very close to our house. I know our beloved nanny would love to live out. Rents round us are high: £200 pw for a studio flat. If I let her live there, is it reasonable for me to ask her to take a cut in salary? To give you an idea of the sums involved: she works LONG hours (8 until 7.30 daily) and currently gets £400 a week. She does a lot of bbsitting for us too. (two girls, aged 3 and 6) The bills on the flat would add up to about £50 a week. What is reasonable for me to offer and for her to expect? There are tax implications too, I know, but my mind is too addled to tackle those today. ADVICE sought from wise women!

sleepfinder Thu 09-Aug-07 18:19:01

Is your nanny currently live -in?

I think it still qualifies as live-in if you own it but why not talk to the Nanny Tax people - they can give you free, impartial and accurate legal advice (or look at their website)

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