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Does anyone out there have a really good maternity policy?

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missbumpy Thu 09-Aug-07 16:24:18

My employer doesn't have a maternity policy. Actually, they do but they don't seem to have one written down so it's just down to the individual to try and work it out for themselves. Basically we've got a really useless HR dept. When I told the (old, male) HR manager that I was pregnant he actually looked quite terrified. He obviously didn't have a clue what to do and I had to tell him about the new legislation because he didn't know anything about it.

We're trying to get them to put some procedures and policies in place. If anyone's got a really good maternity/flexible working policy at their work I'd love to see it.

flowerybeanbag Thu 09-Aug-07 16:33:05

Can't offer a maternity policy I'm afraid, (unless your company wants to pay me to sort out all their policies , discount for mumsnetter!).

Business link here has some good examples and information though.

and at rubbishness of some HR depts

flowerybeanbag Thu 09-Aug-07 16:34:58

OMG just realised that might have read like an attempt at getting free advertising, sorry, please ignore, was not deliberate.

MrsBadger Thu 09-Aug-07 16:37:38

mine is pretty damn good - in fact it's the same as these people's.
Their general family-friendly policies here are pretty good too.
Not sure how it would apply to a smaller company though.

missbumpy Thu 09-Aug-07 16:52:04

Thanks Flowerybeanbag and MrsB. That's just what I needed.

I think I'm entitled to something quite similar to you MrsB but remarkably no one has ever thought to put it down in writing!

Flowerybeanbag, I'm ashamed to say that I actually work for a Trade Union . I know, it's abysmal. You'd think that a trade union would be really hot on these things but, shamefully, head office staff get treated pretty badly. I won't tell you which trade union it is!!

Anyway, that's great stuff. I'm in full on angry pregnant lady mode and I'm determined get them to put a proper written policy in place before I go off on mat leave.

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