Threatened with dismissal because have another job.

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Tumbleweed101 Wed 28-Aug-19 06:16:58

My daughter works two days a week at one job - Monday and Tuesday and at a different job Thur, Fri and Saturday.

The job she goes to on Mon/Tue have asked staff to cover holiday at the weekend. My dd has said she can’t as she’ll be letting the other job down. The manager has basically told her she has no loyalty to the company and will be let go - as soon as she finishes interviews this week and takes on someone new.

My dd had her other job before starting here and carried on with it because the other job didn’t have enough hours available. They have known about the other job from when she started.

I’m wondering if she can be dismissed for this reason?

Personally I would likely have left if I’d been told this by my boss but she is young and needs the money and is scared she won’t find something else.
She’s been in this job since April.

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cherryblossomgin Wed 28-Aug-19 06:19:19

It depends what her contract says. Is she out if her probation period.

RebeccaRae Wed 28-Aug-19 06:20:52

Does her contract say she can't have another job, or that she must be available for weekends or anything like that?

WitsEnding Wed 28-Aug-19 06:23:47

If she's only been there since April she doesn't have any protection.

Tumbleweed101 Wed 28-Aug-19 06:29:37

I don’t think they’ve even given her a contract tbh. Everything she has said makes it sound so unprofessional. It’s a small private business not a large company.

She is going to contact the owner because there has been similar issues with other staff. They all sound very young teens/early 20’s who work there except the manager.

I can understand them deciding this if her work performance isn’t up to scratch but seems unfair just because she can’t cover one day because the manager seems to have allowed too many staff go on holiday!

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AJPTaylor Wed 28-Aug-19 06:48:26

She has no employment protection so they can sack her. I would go now if I were her.

Tonnerre Wed 28-Aug-19 07:21:30

Her contract is pretty irrelevant: if she's only been there since April she can be dismissed for any reason. Time to look for another job, I'd say.

Tumbleweed101 Wed 28-Aug-19 07:40:51

Yes. You’re all saying what I thought too, I just wasn’t sure.

She is already looking for a new job, regardless of if they decide to ‘keep her’ after their interviews.

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CloudsCanLookLikeSheep Wed 28-Aug-19 10:29:59

This is very common particularly in industries such as retail and hospitality.

I've worked in retail and if people weren't available to cover on a regular basis they would be dismissed in probation.

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