Having to jump through hoops for security clearance...

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juneflowers Thu 22-Aug-19 18:47:06

I'm feeling rather frustrated atm and I'm really sorry, this is going to be a long post.

I applied for two jobs around 3 months ago - Job A is perfect. It's the same sector that I work in now, more money than what I am earning now plus the working hours are much better for my family.

Job B is in the same sector I work in now, it's hours are very similar to Job A but it's less money than what I am currently earning, but I am off (on pay) for up to two weeks during Christmas/New Year.

So I heard nothing from both, then suddenly Job B calls me in for an interview, I am offered the position there and then and accept. I was told to provide all my documents (I've never had a passport so brought my Driver's License, Long Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate) the lady photocopied everything and told me to call when my enhanced DBS came through the post.

It came through the post, I called to inform them and they said they would contact me once they have found the lady who was dealing with me. Two days went by and I get a phone call asking me to meet up with a different lady and bring everything to her as my clearance required all the original documents, not photocopies. I gave them everything. Driver's licence, long birth certificate, marriage certificate, national insurance number card, a p60 as proof of address and my DBS. When handing all the documentation over, I was told to call the woman who had interviewed me in relation to a start date. This was because I queried about when I should hand in my notice for my current job (I didn't want anything to overrun)

I call the lady who then asked me to call back in two weeks. I then received my documents back two days later. I call the lady back two weeks later who told me that they will just call with a start date, and if they 'have to do without me for a week after the start date due to my notice running over then that will just have to be the case'

Another three weeks go by and I get a phone call asking for my original birth certificate, I explain that I supplied it to them. Twice. The first time they photocopied it, then the second time I physically handed it over and got it back in the mail.

The lady on the phone then explained that they couldn't accept the long version I provided as it was issued in 2005 and not in 1989 (my birth year). The undertone was that I had filled out the long version myself (forget the fact that was a Superintendant Registrar's signature on there hmm but hey). So I explain that I can provide the one my parents were given but it was the short version, I explained the reason behind me purchasing the long version (it was due to my first ever employer refusing my short one and requesting my long one) so have always handed over my long version, which was the one I had provided them with. The lady accepted this and the phone call ended.

Again I hear nothing, another two weeks go by and I now get a phone call this morning from the same woman explaining that they are now refusing to accept my long birthday certificate because it is dated from 2005.

For my security clearance for the site to go through, they now want me to apply for my first adult passport as proof that I am a British Citizen. Plus on top of that, I have to send my marriage certificate to them again for the third time.

I explained that I had never had a passport so it may take some time, the woman told me I should send them my marriage certificate either today or tomorrow because of Bank Holiday Monday. She also suggested that I apply for a passport online as it will be quicker AND that they want me to apply for it today.

DH is going spare because it's the end of the month (we don't get paid until the 28th), we have just forked out for our LO's school uniform and can't really afford to lay out the best part of £85 for a passport right now, as our money is all divided up to last us until we get paid.

My DH has told me to tell Job B to do one now because Job A contacted me this morning via email requesting an interview for next Thursday. The thing is, I have no guarantee with Job A even though I definitely would walk away from Job B if I did get Job A. Thoughts, please?

I currently finish work at 10pm on a Sunday. My LO has to be at school for 8.45am the following day. After picking her up from my in-laws, I am walking through the door at 11.45pm. It's just too late to have her out so I'm literally clinging to Job B because it's the only certainty I have in giving my LO a routine.

I'm very frustrated because everyone is at me now telling me to fob Job B off, and just hope for the best during my interview at Job A. I'm worried if I do that, and I don't get Job A then I'll be stuck with no prospect of being able to get my child to bed at a reasonable time ready for school. I can't keep her up till practically midnight then expect her to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for 8.45am the next day.

I could wait it out and see what other job prospects there are, but to be perfectly honest, in my sector it's either crap hours and good pay or crap pay and good hours.

I'm tempted to pay for my passport on my credit card and not tell DH tbh...he works whatever hours he likes because I'm always the one having to work my hours around him and my LO. He works night shift so he won't be the one having to struggle to get our DD to school on time, it will be me.

Normally I would tell this job where to go because I do feel it's becoming a bloody joke but I feel they have me with a leg up right now.

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RainOrSun Thu 22-Aug-19 18:55:07

I'd tell them you dont have nearly £100 spare until after pay day, and if the official copy of the birth cert wont do, you will apply for a passport then. And hope you get offered job A in the mean time.

Bookishandblondish Thu 22-Aug-19 19:14:51

Do you know what security clearance is being applied for? If UK gov, this might help ( I’ve always used my passport so no help with alternatives)

If you google security clearance Uk ( if it is the Uk), you might find an alternative ID for your citizenship.

juneflowers Thu 22-Aug-19 19:27:08

@Bookishandblondish it's clearance for British Nuclear Fuels

@RainOrSun I think that is going to have to be an option. I haven't done as she asked so have yet to apply for the passport, I may give her a ring tomorrow and try to discuss it further. I just fear having my offer of employment revoked if I start looking difficult...

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Mammatron Thu 22-Aug-19 19:44:00

I'd put off the passport application until youve found out about job A- Job B can wait a bit longer considering how much they've messed you about! How long is it from your in laws to school? Could you temporarily sleep there on a Sunday until you're in a new job?

juneflowers Thu 22-Aug-19 21:26:24

@Mammatron I'm gonna call the woman back tomorrow and explain I just can't afford it until I get paid on the 28th, whilst the interview for Job A is on the 29th. My inlaws live in a different town to me but it's quite close in the sense that it takes about 20 minutes on the motorway. It isn't somewhere I could stay over though unfortunately, although my Mum offered tonight that she will happily look after my DD while I'm at work on a Sunday. DH doesn't start until 6pm and I finish at 10pm so my Mum said she could bath and put her in bed for me for 7.30/8pm. I feel terrible though because my Mum is up for work herself at 6.30am. Fingers crossed that this time next week I'll have a better idea of what is happening sad

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Petrichor11 Thu 22-Aug-19 21:57:06

I know when I had a DBS earlier this year more weight was given to a birth cert issued within 12 months of your birth than to one issued later.

But there are other documents that can be used especially since you have a driving licence!

And I would expect the person dealing with you to know the requirements (or to have checked them the first time you provided documents)

Tell job B that you need them to verify you without a passport and ask exactly what they need that you have

Go for the interview at job A and see what happens, good luck!

juneflowers Thu 22-Aug-19 22:18:00

@Petrichor11 Thank you, I am really hoping that I do get Job A tbh. I feel like I'm being made to look like an idiot. Job B has had my enhanced DBS (the birth certificate that they are rejecting was used to obtain this), my driving licence, my long birth certificate and my marriage certificate along with a p60 as proof of address and my original national insurance card. I honestly don't know what else I could give them to prove I am British apart from applying for the passport tbh...but looking online, the passport office only want my long birth certificate themselves so it feels like I would be just exchanging one proof of nationality for a far more expensive one.

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daisychain01 Fri 23-Aug-19 07:17:35

OP in this day and age, I'm surprised you've never had a passport. As you've found out, for the sake of £100, it's now compromising your job opportunities not being able to produce your passport, it's a crucial document to prove nationality.

Look on it as an investment even if you don't get Job B.

daisychain01 Fri 23-Aug-19 07:22:25

I wouldn't ring up and get involved in a convoluted explanation with the recruitment woman about not having the money until you get paid. They don't need to know all that detail, it isn't a good look. Think big-picture.

Credit card payment is fine, that's what it's for.

username678889 Fri 23-Aug-19 07:46:48

The thing is first passport may take a few weeks . I remember applying for mine 20 years ago and I believe it's more stringent now with interviews at the passport office . So you could do all this and then get job a .
I think they have messed you about but must be communication thing with security as must be unusual to not have a passport. I agree I think applying for the passport will be good Id to have and you may be required to have it for job a anyway .
I'd suggest looking into how long it will take for you first passport and let the people at job b know . I'd still apply for one but go for the interview at job a .
Good luck I'm sure it will all come good in the end .

Lwmommy Fri 23-Aug-19 07:51:10

I have to be CTC cleared for work and the only ID on the acceptable list is a full current uk passport

Anotherusefulname Fri 23-Aug-19 07:55:22

I have never left the country, I had to get a passport to prove right to work in the UK as I was born after 1983 and apparently my birth certificate doesn't prove my nationality.

Cyclewidow46 Fri 23-Aug-19 07:56:56

I wouldn't ring up Job B at the moment. They've mucked you about enough already!
I'd wait and have the interview with Job A and hopefully you'll get it, then you can tell Job B no thanks!
Once settled in maybe think about getting a passport anyway.
Good luck for interview!

KatherineJaneway Fri 23-Aug-19 08:01:28

Drop job B and try your luck with job A. I wouldn't want to work at a company with an attitude like B's.

melissasummerfield Fri 23-Aug-19 08:09:40

What level clearance are they obtaining?

I carry out fairly high level vetting and what they are asking for is ridiculous.

You do not need a passport to prove your identity!

AnchorDownDeepBreath Fri 23-Aug-19 08:16:50

Job B sound chaotic. I'd be concerned about getting a passport and then they continuing to be chaotic - you can't really cope with that with your schedule.

Explain to Job B that you can't get a passport right now and ask for alternatives. Don't mention payday. Do your interview for Job A next week and hope you get an offer from them! Good luck thanks

daisychain01 Sat 24-Aug-19 09:15:05

Job B is Nuclear Energy sector. They are bound to be more risk averse and must gain absolute assurance of U.K. Nationality.

What we think seems complex and irrational, to a Security Clearance agency is par for the course, and if people aren't able to comply then they can't work there, simple as.

Cabezona Sat 24-Aug-19 09:39:07

If they are this useless before you work there, imagine how bad they will be once they aren't trying to get you in... sack it off

Lucked Sat 24-Aug-19 09:52:12

I would not contact Job B yet but have the “I couldn’t afford it until I was paid” as a back up if they contact you before you hear from Job A. You could know about Job A by Friday.

Lucked Sat 24-Aug-19 09:54:02

Also it could take some people a while to get it countersigned so “I am waiting for my Dr neighbour to counter sign but they are on holiday until the 4th”

LadyFlumpalot Sat 24-Aug-19 10:27:37

Do you know what system the work place is using? Are you having the standard BPSS or SC? I assume from all the kerfuffle you're probably going for DV but even then it's unusual for your office to be doing the chasing. Usually you're office "sponsors" you and you are sent a whole ream of surveys to fill out.

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