Calling in sick during notice period.

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BlackCatFan Mon 19-Aug-19 18:27:57

Hi all.. I started my new job in April and I have hated it since day one. The job isn't for me, and to cut a long story short I can't stand being there, I feel sick every morning before I go in.

Thankfully I've found a new job and I'll be handing in my notice on Friday.. I only have to give one weeks notice but I don't think I can face going in next week. So I'm thinking about calling in sick. I'm worried that it might affect my reference though, does anyone know if it will? Part of me thinks it would be unfair to give me a bad reference just for being off sick, but on the other hand this could look bad to my new employer, I'm worried that they may even turn down my offer.....

I just can't stand being there any longer.. 😔

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mrsed1987 Mon 19-Aug-19 18:32:02

I think they are likely to give you a less than favourable reference if you call in sick

BinkySodPlop Mon 19-Aug-19 18:36:11

Whilst a "bad reference" is not allowed, your employers are allowed to give facts, so if you have only been there for 5 months, then 5 days (at least) sickness is quite a lot. Could you use any accrued holiday instead?

DiaryofWimpyMumm Mon 19-Aug-19 18:37:41

Could you hand in your notice tomorrow?

HunterHearstHelmsley Mon 19-Aug-19 18:38:56

If it is just that you don't like it rather than bullying etc. I'd stick it out. Be glad it's a week, not a month!

NoBaggyPants Mon 19-Aug-19 18:43:14

Whilst a "bad reference" is not allowed

A bad reference is allowed, as long as it is not dishonest.

flowery Mon 19-Aug-19 18:44:20

For the sake of such a short notice period, why on earth would you risk it? Unless you are actually genuinely too ill to drag yourself in for the week, go to work.


flowery Mon 19-Aug-19 18:45:07

And yes, a bad reference is perfectly “allowed” as long as it is accurate.

31RueCambon Mon 19-Aug-19 18:49:01

Yeh 5 days dick in 5 months sounds a lot. I would go in but feel glad you are on the count down

LochJessMonster Mon 19-Aug-19 18:49:58

It’s a bank holiday next week so you’ll only have to work 4 days. Surely you can do that.

jelly79 Mon 19-Aug-19 18:50:26

I'd try and go in or negotiate an immediate resignation?

daisychain01 Tue 20-Aug-19 12:43:18

Check your contract - be prepared for a clause they may have included which doesn't pay for sickness during notice period. You will get SSP if you're off for 4+ days, but it could give you significantly less than your normal wage (ie - if you were to show up for work and serve your notice period).

For the sake of a few days, think of the money and the fact they wouldn't be able to criticise you.

daisychain01 Tue 20-Aug-19 12:44:07

^ this is increasingly put into contracts to deter people from going off sick in their notice period ....

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