New job negotiation

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peachypetite Sun 18-Aug-19 06:40:31

You absolutely shouldn't be writing it yourself. All sounds a bit pie in the sky.

daisychain01 Sun 18-Aug-19 06:34:32

Lack of organisation

daisychain01 Sun 18-Aug-19 06:34:08

It could be letting them off the hook and masking the original problem (lack or organisation and role definition) if you fix it by writing your own role spec.

But then again (I'm guessing here), if it's in a new start up or a third sector charity, and you see the opportunity to make a difference, add value and grow the role, then writing your own role spec is probably going to be a pragmatic solution to the matter. If there aren't many other people employed there, the chances of stepping on toes is a lot less.

Thequaffle Sun 18-Aug-19 03:31:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

daisychain01 Sat 17-Aug-19 21:19:39

I'd be very concerned about a job that, even before you've started, hasn't already been clearly articulated by the recruiting organisation, no role spec, no job title.

To your comment there seems to be confusion internally over what I will cover, imagine yourself 2 or 3 months down the line, floundering because they haven't thought in advance about what their requirement is and you aren't using your expertise and qualifications, because they can't get their act together. And you could be stepping on other people's toes and putting noses out of joint, because you're having to guess where the boundaries of your role start and end.

Sounds like career suicide to me.

flowery Sat 17-Aug-19 17:53:24

Not unless you’ve been asked to, no. But you could say “Hi recruiting manager, I was thinking it doesn’t seem that clear what this job will actually cover, would it be helpful if I put together a draft job description based on what I’ve learned so far as a starting point?”

Lowball Sat 17-Aug-19 14:14:20

NC for this.
I’ve been given a verbal offer for a new role. I’d be leaving a large corporation where I’ve worked for years. I was headhunted for the new role by someone in my network and have had lots of positive discussions. BUT, the title has not been confirmed properly and there seems to be confusion internally over what I will cover and what my title will be.
I’ve not seen a job spec either but have drafted one myself based on what I’ve learned so far. Should I put this forward to the hiring manager as a starting point for what I want the role to be?

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