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Adult literacy tutor - does anyone do this?

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MrsMuddle Thu 02-Aug-07 14:52:57

I've been interested in this for a while. I know you can do it voluntarily, and I have applied for this, but what qualification would you need to do it as paid employment? Also, I'm interested to know how flexible it is and how well paid. Thank you.

RedtartanLass Thu 02-Aug-07 15:07:06

I'm not a Skills for Life/Basic Skills tutor but I did use to work closely with them. Here is the list of quals that are currenlty most relevent here

Also here is a link to wghat jobs are availalbe. I suspect this year there will be a shortage in decent S4L tutors, so may be worth thinking about a carrer change. jobs

Sorry about typing in a rush!!

corblimeycharlie Thu 02-Aug-07 15:08:14

A friend of mine did it as part of the Surestart scheme. Children were put into a creche facility while the parents brushed up on their literacy and numeracy skills. She is a fully qualified primary school teacher though. If you have a degree I believe you can do a one year conversion course for teaching.

clutteredup Thu 02-Aug-07 15:11:49

i volunteered as a help for adult numeracy, the tutor i worked with was a qualified teacher, don't know if its a requirement but unless you have equivalent experience i imagine so. contact your local adult education college, they'd be able to tell you more.

MrsMuddle Thu 02-Aug-07 17:37:07

Thank you. I do have a degree, but not in teaching. And I really really can't afford to give up work for a year to do the teaching qualification. I'll have a look through your links next week when the kids are back at school, Redtartanlass, and see if there's any other way in. Thanks for your help.

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