4 weeks after interview

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Highandlow Mon 29-Jul-19 16:59:38

Went for an interview which covered several roles. Got told could be 3 week wait to hear. Waited 3 weeks, emailed hr who said interviews still coming up, but I woiud be told. It has been 4 weeks now. I have never waited this long. Has anyone waited this long and still got a job? Has put me off to be honest. I am assuming I probably havn't got it but still.

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Isleepinahedgefund Tue 30-Jul-19 07:56:50

What sort of organisation is it? 4 weeks is nothing where I work (public sector). Think I waited about 8 wks to hear about my current job.

Likethebattle Fri 09-Aug-19 00:39:17

I waited 6 weeks for my lady job.

ClemDanFango Fri 09-Aug-19 00:48:43

Lady job?🤣 I was told on the day of my interview for my current job but I my last job there was 8 weeks until I was offered. Depends on the company.

EBearhug Fri 09-Aug-19 08:53:12

It's the holiday season - they could be waiting for key decision makers to be back in the office.

Ragwort Fri 09-Aug-19 08:55:36

My DH has to interview for a job, saw four or five people and then was told that due to cutbacks the vacancy couldn’t now be filled sad, very frustrating all round, & he has to pick up the extra work himself.

Likethebattle Fri 09-Aug-19 17:47:37

Oops auto correct *last job lol blush


MarkRonsonsMother Fri 09-Aug-19 17:48:49

Lady of the night job grin

Likethebattle Fri 09-Aug-19 23:18:13

@MarkRonsonsMother i might have a murky past lol wink

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