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mummyinbonniescotland Sun 28-Jul-19 18:52:58

Do I need to declare myself fit to attend a grievance hearing?

I am signed unfit for work due to anxiety brought on by bullying, discrimination, harassment. The most horrid things have been written about me in emails etc and I have copies. Horrible discriminatory things have been said to my face and in front of witnesses. I have been having panic attacks and not sleeping.

I have been signed off for about 3 months now. I submitted a grievance and still haven't had one yet.

oh and they haven't put in place adjustments I needed which is also part of the grievance.

Anyway I complained about the delays and they said they can't do a grievance hearing whilst I'm signed off sick, they need my GP to declare me fit. I think this is just stupid excuses.

I submitted my grievance with all the information they needed and evidence attached. I am happy to attend a grievance hearing but not return to work whilst these matters are unresolved and with the main person responsible still my manager.

I asked on the justanswer website and the solicitor there says it is further discrimination to say I need to be fit for work before a hearing takes place. Is this true?

I'm in a union but my union rep doesn't seem to be available those past 2 days.

It's a fucked up situation and I'm trying to get another job but not having much luck as I'm disabled and my qualifications are niche.

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Moondust001 Sun 28-Jul-19 22:01:47

Unless your GP declares you fit to participate - very easy to do on a modern fit note - most employers I know wouldn't proceed either. If they proceeded without medical confirmation that you were fit to participate, you could sue them if your condition worsened as a result.

It's Sunday. Union reps also have weekends. They also have other things to do and people to see. Plus it's a busy holiday period right now. I appreciate that your issue is your only priority, but it isn't urgent, and so not getting back to you within two days isn't going to be their biggest priority. Regrettably, in my experience, three months without any progress is far from unusual in these situations, especially when the complainant is off work.

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