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Help me get a B6 (NHS)

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Wanttomakemincepies Fri 19-Jul-19 20:17:47

I am top band 5 and looking for B6 posts. I have my degree and have started my Masters. I worked in an acute area and am trying to get a B6 in roles I am qualified to do and would do well. I have had 3 interviews and three rejections. The feedback has been generic, excellent presentation but someone scored higher in the points than you.
I have 7 weeks left of mat leave and although I like my job, they don't want to offer any kind of work/life balance which would make childcare difficult or too expensive to be viable. I have no family to help with children, just me and husband.
So my question is how do I get a B6 post with this non specific feedback?

Mumof1andacat Fri 19-Jul-19 20:22:45

Could you spend some time with other band 6's to see what they did to get their 6? Ask about their feed back. Do your hr have recruitment/skill/interview workshops?

Wanttomakemincepies Fri 19-Jul-19 21:11:53

I have done the role as an acting basis. There are no workshops in my Trust. I have spoken to other B6 and all say I am doing everything right. For a recent post, there was shock from others I didn't get it. It could be that the winning candidate did score more than me. It's just so frustrating.

SyrilSneer Fri 19-Jul-19 21:15:29

What posts are you actually applying for? “Band 6” isn’t a job. As you mention not being able to do the hours in your current role it sounds like you are applying elsewhere rather than for senior staff nurse/junior sister posts in your current area. How close is your experience to the jobs you are trying to get?

Jiggles101 Sat 20-Jul-19 09:05:34

Are you a nurse?

I'm a B7 clinician, not medical. Sounds with the feedback your getting that you're on the right track, just need to persevere.

Fallofrain Sat 20-Jul-19 09:14:41

I realise that you are looking to move up quickly but is there a development plan you can discuss with your manager? Within my specialism its unusual that this hasnt come up earlier as progression (for those that want it) is talked about before you would have hit top of your band.

Some trusts have programmes to help people do the move, so it might be worth exploring

It might help to say what area your in, certainly in my graduating class some people shot up the ranks etc but it was depending on where we went. In my area you'd be looking at band 6 after 2 years or so as a 5 then never really moving up, but in others it took much longer as they were more ward manager posts, and others were 7s before i could blink.

Fallofrain Sat 20-Jul-19 09:22:38

Oh meant to say, in areas where progression is harder or if theres a big leap in responsibilities, then try and look for secondments or development roles. My job has got a really got 5 into 6 development role which takes a year to complete but allows you to take on the change in a gradual manner with lots of support. They also appreciate that people arent "there yet" so arent expecting to interview fully fledged band 6s

Wanttomakemincepies Sat 20-Jul-19 10:50:18

@SyrilSneer my background is acute medicine but 18 months ago I moved as a B5 to a neonates. The B6 posts I have applied for are all related to acute medicine, not just random posts. I want a new challenge. The childcare issue has just exacerbated the issue. I don't have the inclination to keep bouncing around B5 posts just for a challenge.
I have no issue being shortlisted for the posts, and think I answer the questions fully at interview. Leave feeling hopeful only to be told that someone scored higher than me and to try again next time.

HappyHammy Sat 20-Jul-19 14:00:15

Why do you want a b6, that's what they always ask me. Is it more likely you'd be moved to other areas, take on more management duties, cover for sickness.IME b6 seem to move to another ward, use their "transferrable skills" rather than get promoted to ssn on the ward they actually enjoy working on.

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