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AIBU to give up nursing

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Tory82 Thu 18-Jul-19 12:32:31

Me and my husband moved a year ago with our 2 children, before we moved I was fired from a position I held as a practice nurse. Basically in a nut shell my previous manager has what feels like black balled me. I have been unable to get a job,
I was getting interviews and then losing it due to referencing issues. I'm not now not even getting interviews. The NMC advice is to keep going till I 'get a break'!!! I know helpful. Anyway I ended up opening a Airbnb because financially we were up shit creek. Now a year in I run a busy business,
Can still have my two children schools run etc but my SO doesn't want me to give up my degree I worked so hard I keep applying... its soul destroying if I'm honest or give up....???

Csleeptime Thu 18-Jul-19 12:34:59

I guess it depends why you were fired and whether they can legally put iron a reference.

Csleeptime Thu 18-Jul-19 12:35:38

Meamt to say it on not iron!

FilledSoda Thu 18-Jul-19 12:41:23

Would agency work be an option ?
You still make use of your qualifications and you could pick shifts that suit your schedule.
It does seem a shame to pack it in after all that study , assuming you enjoyed it of course.
How did you get sacked ?
Nothing to do with your nursing I take it or you would be suspended .
I know some nurses that have started careers in holistic therapies too , although that isn't really using your degree but it might utilise your caring skills .

crosser62 Thu 18-Jul-19 12:48:47

Curious about why you were sacked.. presumably you have had to say why you left previous employment on your application forms.
This may be why you are not being taken on.

Tory82 Thu 18-Jul-19 12:49:37

Hi was fired for gross misconduct for failing to report an ecg to a gp patient. I had thought about agency but it's just being able to pick up shifts around everything else, which I know sounds like a cop out but what I really want to do is what is was doing before I loves that job

Lougle Thu 18-Jul-19 13:03:01

You might have to contact a recruiter upfront and declare your dismissal, stating that you have done x, y, z to learn from your experience, but your reference is not likely to be favourable because of it.

FilledSoda Thu 18-Jul-19 13:07:08

The gross misconduct is certainly the reason you're not being considered for posts.
Is there some support from the union ?
Support in terms of retraining or something to reassure future employers that it was a mistake that's been properly addressed.
I didn't realise you could continue to nurse under these circumstances without some retraining to be honest .

crosser62 Thu 18-Jul-19 13:22:16

Can I ask if you are qualified or were you hca?

crosser62 Thu 18-Jul-19 13:27:47

Also were there other incidents because it seems unlikely that you were sacked based on this one issue? Were you reported to the nmc and investigated by them?
I only ask because if they cleared you to continue and keep your registration then that is a strong defence for getting another job.
Who have you enlisted for references? Is it someone from your previous job?
Are you sure that they are able to give you positive references?
I feel bad for you and I know that you can be thrown under the bus for doing very little wrong and for doing something way out of your control.
It’s an awful situation to find your self in.

Tory82 Thu 18-Jul-19 13:39:13

I am a qualified Nurse my revaluation was processed last September with no restrictions. It feels like there is more I don't know about if I'm honest as I don't understand why this is holding me back so much. I've never had any other problems, no days off sick etc. I feel like my manager is telling them more I have to use her as reference as that's how the NHS recruitment works. Before them I worked in my local hospital no problems and in a private hospital no problems always good references. I've been qualified 5 yrs before that for 6yrs I pad a private nanny

Confussedandoutoftouch Thu 18-Jul-19 14:18:02

Honestly I think you will have to try different areas of nursing after being fired. You are probably best trying just to get a job and thus a good reference for a job later on. So start with one of the maybe less desirable areas ( just take any job if you want to keep nursing). You will probably have to work your way back to the area you want. First step is getting a good reference so accept a minimum of 6 months anywhere!
Actually you haven’t been qualified that long and you have been fired so you are not going to be an appealing candidate. Some areas are highly competitive and if you were doing practice nursing ie a job with nice hours you are probably going to have to re consider. Try agency nursing but honestly you need to be realistic. Have you tried old workplaces?

Tory82 Thu 18-Jul-19 15:05:51

Hi yep it tricky as we've moved to another county with husbands work, so I don't think that's help thank you for your help...I think my only option is agency I did a bit when I lost my job before, my youngest starts school September so this other work is good but I feel like I may need more ie get out the house .. I did think about retraining I have applied for health visitor training but didn't get a place so I thought something completely different and teacher training I am a trained classroom assistant so it would a year to train

Lougle Thu 18-Jul-19 22:12:52

Agencies will still require references.

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