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catwithnohat Wed 17-Jul-19 20:51:17

Could someone in HR give me some advice please.

I'm thinking of moving job (for a multitude of reasons) from the organisation where I've been for 20 years. This organisation doesn't give references beyond the basic "cat has worked here for 20 years, has nil sick days" ec. It won't give a personal reference and advises local managers not to (not that I get on with my line manager which is a big reason for me wanting to leave).

So, my problem is that I have no real friends to speak of and none who are suitable to give me a reference so between my employer and a lack of friends I'm stuck as what to do.

When applying for jobs what should I do; all (positive) suggestions gratefully received!

Samaranian Wed 17-Jul-19 20:56:35

Most places nowadays won't provide references beyond what you have said for ex employees and I've never been asked for a personal reference in my life!

Potential employers will be used to this - a lot of places don't even requests references anymore because they aren't worth very much!

Sootyandsweep2019 Thu 18-Jul-19 22:38:43

Hi OP, I would say at least 50% of employers have a policy along the lines of, "references come from HR department only, and factual references only, no individual managers to give personal references under any circumstances."

As long as it confirms you weren't sacked, ( so reason for leaving is resignation), etc. You should be fine

janebond007 Fri 19-Jul-19 17:03:40

sorry to hijack the thread....but the sickness absence in a reference really worries me. I thought they couldn't ask that or provide that anymore?

Also, what if you don't want to provide your former employer as a referee?

And application forms that make entering your current salary non optional!

daisychain01 Sat 20-Jul-19 08:07:03

a lot of places don't even requests references anymore because they aren't worth very much!

Inaccurate, what do you mean by "a lot"? The odd SME? All regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare and life sciences, and all public sector (Defence, teaching, health, safety, policing, prison service) require security checks and employment references.

References are an important validation check to employers, is this person being truthful on their CV, do their employment records stack up, are they who they say they are? Factual is adequate, personal opinion is less relevant nowadays as the waters are muddied by personality clashes etc.

topcat2014 Sat 20-Jul-19 08:10:48

None of the private sector companies I have worked for would ever dream of putting a comment in about sickness. Maybe the public sector is different.

Employers have been doing "start date end date job title" references for years now. Why would they want to open themselves up to possible legal actions for doing anything else.

Your new employer will be expecting this too, OP.

topcat2014 Sat 20-Jul-19 08:12:09

@janebond007 I would be suspicious of someone not providing their previous employer as a reference, tbh.

daisychain01 Sat 20-Jul-19 08:14:43

@janebond007 re sickness record, any enquiry about sickness tends to happen after the interview and after a provisional offer of employment is made. Nowadays with the Equality Act in force, employers should not allow bias to creep into the candidate selection process so they ought to leave those details until they've decided the candidate is the right person for the job.

They are entitled to know about absences and can decide to deselect due to absence but they are running the risk of falling foul of Equality laws unless they get their story straight about a deselection.

avalanching Sat 20-Jul-19 08:24:16

The last reference I did was just a tick box exercise confirming the person hasn't had a disciplinary, confirming job title etc, took moments. Can you not just give your HR department's details?

avalanching Sat 20-Jul-19 08:26:06

And as a pp says I would absolutely expect it to be your last employer, I think you will most likely be asked why you haven't done your employer, and could risk the role if you don't. My last job required references for all jobs in the last 3 years (was only 2!)

topcat2014 Sat 20-Jul-19 08:26:23

I have never disclosed previous salary to new employers - why would you? You will never make decent jumps in salary that way.

You can ask HMRC not to pass over previous data too.

Jeeperscreepers69 Tue 23-Jul-19 13:09:38

Basic references are the thing now i think. Ask a family friend also. Lack of friends then ask a neighbour. Basic reference is a good thing. Nothing naughty can be said.

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