Single parent universal credits- help!!

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HollyJade89 Mon 15-Jul-19 11:23:33

Hello! My youngest child is about to turn 5 and I have to move over to universal credits.
I’m working 12 hours at the moment but have heard that you have to work 25 hours as a single parent on universal credits? I’m so worried as I don’t see how I’m going to be able to work that many hours at the moment. I don’t have much family around for support and the after school club at my children’s school is currently full!
Does anyone know how hard they come down on you if you aren’t working 25 hours? Will I be expected to go to the job centre every week?! 😩 I'm so upset and stressed about all of this! Xx

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SpideyMom Mon 15-Jul-19 14:31:08

I've no experience of UC, i am currently on legacy benefits, but I work 30 hours a week and my DS is now in Reception, so its basically around his school day. He does breakfast club and I am able to collect him as he finishes when school ends.

Would you be able to increase your hours at all, now your youngest is of school age? I am unable to work any more at this time because I have no after school childcare so 30 hours is my max for the time being

Babyroobs Mon 15-Jul-19 20:17:55

The aim is to be earning 25 x nmw . Have you tried looking at childminders for after school care - Uc will pay up to 85% of childcare costs. The expectation is that you will increase working hours as your children get older.

Me33 Sun 08-Sep-19 09:09:37

That’s not what I’ve read and been told the job centre told me 16 hours a week on minimum wage is what a single parent is expected to do!

Here this website shows what they expect a single parent to work depending on age of child for 5 year d it’s a maximum of 25 hours that’s the most you are expected to look for not the minimum

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