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Sickness meeting help

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BlueBell50 Sun 14-Jul-19 20:48:37

A colleague has asked me to accompany them to a meeting about their sickness record. I’m happy to go. My thoughts are that I make notes for them and just ask for clarification on any things I’m not sure about. Is this right or do I just sit still and shut up?

Itellpeopletogoogleit Sun 14-Jul-19 20:54:07

I don't think you're allowed to contribute. Think you'd be more of a witness.

ombre123 Sun 14-Jul-19 20:55:48

You will be able to support them by being there including taking notes and asking questions, but you won't be able to answer any questions on their behalf.

Ylvamoon Sun 14-Jul-19 20:57:21

You are there for "moral support" - you won't be able to speak.

Lwmommy Sun 14-Jul-19 21:00:10

Have a conversation with them before hand, make notes of everything they want to make sure they say, and every question they want to ask.

In the meeting, take pertinent notes, name and what was said, doesn't have to be verbatim just the points you think are important.

If you notice that some of the points/questions you discussed beforehand have not been covered, drawn your colleagues attention to them.

Make sure you document any actions they say they will come back on and when they said that would happen.

Malvinaa81 Sun 14-Jul-19 21:02:16

I don't agree that you would not be allowed to speak- but the person present for support cannot dominate the meeting or act unreasonably.

flowery Sun 14-Jul-19 23:01:32

I suggest you ask them what role they want you to play smile

Likethebattle Fri 09-Aug-19 00:43:59

I went to one with my work friend. She broke down as she was scared she’d lose her job. At that point I spoke for her and asked what improvements they needed to see and the timescale for these.

chocolateworshipper Fri 09-Aug-19 10:11:28

I accompanied someone to a similar kind of meeting, took notes and the only time I spoke was when it started getting a little unpleasant and I suggested calling a halt and rescheduling.

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