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Which union?

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BertyFlanter Fri 12-Jul-19 16:06:53

I want to join a union, but I'm not sure which one would be the best one for me.
I work as an office manager for a plumbing and heating firm. Small family business. Is there a generic admin one or do I need to look more towards a construction industry one. I have another colleague who is an engineer also wanting to join a union.

Can anyone tell me which one is best?

MrsMoastyToasty Fri 12-Jul-19 20:07:10

Whichever one your employer recognises. Otherwise they'll be unlikely to be able to bargain on your behalf in a dispute as the employer can refuse to meet with them if they're not the recognised one.

flowery Fri 12-Jul-19 22:53:11

It’s pretty unlikely a small family plumbing business recognises any union.

Doesn’t stop you joining one, for advice and/or so that you have someone to accompany you to disciplinary/grievance hearings.

Don’t know which one though OP, sorry.

EBearhug Fri 12-Jul-19 23:28:35

If you go on the TUC website, there's a union finder tool.

EBearhug Fri 12-Jul-19 23:39:48

I work in IT, but my union is more related to my employer's overall business. So it mght make sense to focus on the plumbing side rather than the office admin side, but also it depends on the size of the union, and their past record (if you can find anyone who knows - do you know if there already any union members in your company?)

I was very glad of my union membership last year, but my issue was more about general employment and didn't need specialist industry knowledge in any way. I suspect (based on no research or data at all) that most issues where the union gets involved are about unfair treatment on an individual level and we're all covered by employment law there. I suspect industry-specific knowledge is probably more relevant for things like health and safety. But again, that's based on no data, and I could be talking total rot.

daisychain01 Sat 13-Jul-19 12:10:30

Try Prospect OP. Subs are £7 - £18/month depending on salary.

They represent professional workers in aspects of Employment Law, pay and remuneration negotiations, changes to working conditions negotiations and all aspects affecting their members. They provide legal representation where appropriate, but also general drop-in advice re grievances, workplace relationship disputes etc. In my workplace they have a presence on site, with drop-in times (2 hour slots am and pm).

I have a lot of faith in the support they can provide.

EBearhug Sun 14-Jul-19 16:45:41

Here's a link for the union finder -

EBearhug Sun 14-Jul-19 16:47:30

No it's not, thank you autocorrect... Try this -

BertyFlanter Sat 20-Jul-19 18:46:38

Sorry for disappearing! Thanks for al the info, I'll try that union finder and the other suggestion too. I don't think I need industry specific so I'm sure I'll find one. smile

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