NHS not happy at work, can i request a move

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Crazymaisienumber9 Thu 11-Jul-19 20:53:37

I work in the community as a band 7 specialist. Without being boring everyone im very unhappy about how myself and some of my colleagues are treated, and because ive been open about my discontent, this means im not on the management christmas card list. Im not the only one who is very unhappy about this but one of the more vocal ones. I was so close to just handing in my notice recently but just cant afford to. Things are unlikely to change. My speciality and where i live means i am very restricted for other jobs within my field. So the only other option i can think of is to request a transfer to a hospital job...it is the same trust. I know there is no availability to move at present, but what i would like to know is can this be a viable option if a vacancy arose ? Or does it have to be an advertised post that i would apply for and do an interview. I need to be able to see a little chink of hope.

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Babyroobs Thu 11-Jul-19 21:32:28

I would imagine you would just have to apply for a job in the same was as anyone else wanting the job would.

Tryingtoworkitoutagain Thu 11-Jul-19 21:35:06

I think it depends on your trust, head of service and the manager in the hospital also depending on your hospital experience? Any chance your job/role can be altered to make you manage better?

MoreProseccoNow Thu 11-Jul-19 21:40:50

Have you spoken with your union rep? They might be able to advise.

Crazymaisienumber9 Fri 12-Jul-19 08:49:45

Thanks for the replies. I have spoken to my union yesterday evening and discussed the broader issues within the team, but not about what options i could have . I have been assigned a rep who will contact me in due course. Just trying to think outside the box of ways i can change my position. Management are not respecting us at all and being selective in how they are treating us and i just feel that i need to do something as it is really demoralising and affecting my mood. Sadly im probably no different than any other nurse in the nhs the way it is now but if i dont say something the rot stays within. Thanks again.

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FormerlyFrikadela01 Fri 12-Jul-19 08:58:37

In my trust you can request redeployment and they put you on a register so you automatically get an interview for any suitable vacancy without applying. Perhaps it would be worth seeing if your trust does the same?

However if you've muddied your name with management would a move to a different trust be an option? The 3 trusts I've worked in have all been the same when it comes to the middle layers of management... All corrupt who you know not what you know types and once you've blackened your name it was hard to.move anywhere speaks from bitter experience

MoreProseccoNow Fri 12-Jul-19 09:12:54

If it's any consolation, my Trust is the same. And there's a big drive to get rid of Band 7 posts, which is part of the problem with morale. They have us over a barrel as, if we move, there are no 7's to move to (as they are all being downgraded).

So we stay for the 7 & put up with shit. Or move & have shit as a 6.

I'm staying put.

Crazymaisienumber9 Sat 13-Jul-19 01:28:44

Moving to another trust is very unlikely due to geography and there is limited movement or opportunities in my field. So I'm very restricted.

Yes management are corrupt and I'm expecting more push back on the stances I've taken, also my manager doesn't appear to be beyond vindictiveness.
I went on to write a long rambling message and bored myself with it but through all the rambling I may have just come to the conclusion I should just shut my mouth, stop caring, and get out at the first available opportunity, whenever that may be. I might just be alot happier accepting that things will never improve. A sad conclusion to my nursing career.

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IQuit3 Sat 13-Jul-19 07:35:35

I requested a move between teams and was transferred. I'm more unhappy now though due to increased workload! It can be done if managers are in agreement

CherryPavlova Sat 13-Jul-19 07:47:36

A band 7 is management usually.
I’m going to give a hard message and say your attitude isn’t good and unlikely to result in an internal transfer.Thats not to say some of your grievances might be justified but people who talk in ‘we’ or ‘lots of us’ rather than ‘I’ tend to be malcontents. It sounds like you’re vocal by moaning rather than doing something constructive.
Have you formalised concerns? Have you spoken to the FtSUG?
Your concerns sound very general rather than specific.
Could you not as a relatively senior nurse ask for a discussion with your line manager and develop a more proactive and positive stance? Present solutions to the problem not just moaning and a sense that you are an unelected and self appointed representative with general issues. Start dealing in specifics; start taking responsibility rather than trying to hide behind ‘we’ statements.

IQuit3 Sat 13-Jul-19 08:27:13

I am aware that a band 7 is generally management although not the case in my community team. However the band 7 has to report to the band 8 so I meant "managers" as a general term. My transfer was agreed by my ward manager then the clincial director.

Crazymaisienumber9 Sat 13-Jul-19 12:08:36

Thanks for all the replies. I had just written out a reply and it disappeared into the ether when I hit a wrong button on my tablet .

To summarize as iquit3 says in my community team band 7s aren't in the same category of management.
Cherrypavlova i am all about nurses. Like to think I see nurses as fundamental to all that is good in the NHS. I want nurses to be respected for their opinions and actions and be leaders and drivers of services in a team. What I see now where i am is that we are not being heard or respected . We have tried to address our issues and made suggestions individually and collectively. I support my colleagues which is why some of what I say is a 'we' conversation.

I'm sorry you see me as negative. It is because I care about my job, my patients, my colleagues my profession and want us to be respected that I say what I do. There are 6 band 7s in our team so I'm not alone. Some choose to not say anything to management for their own reasons. They may say plenty to us but not management. The remainder of us have met management collectively and individually to express concerns and offer solutions to our issues, but we realised for added leverage it was better coming from more than one person. Unfotunately Nurse management seem to be only responding to Doctor or other AHP managers suggestions, sometimes comically. Our suggestion, bad idea. Same suggestion from Doctor several weeks later, great idea.

From my own perspective I'd rather have someone who cared enough to speak up than someone who says nothing or is strategically working to feather their nest for their own entirely selfish reasons as is the case with one of our colleagues.
The reason i have omitted specifics is to avoid boring or identifiable details.

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