MD doesn't like me!

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badvibes Mon 01-Jul-19 01:00:20

I work in a small company (less than 100 staff) and have done for 5 years now. In the beginning all was great, but recently the MD has been quite hostile towards me, singling me out in examples to other people etc (over minor issues that many other people have also done).

Fortunately I don't see the MD often, but s/he is renown for gossiping behind people's backs, so it's not what's said in front of me but also what's said to others.

I'm generally keeping my head down and try to have as little to do with them as possible, but it's really getting to me and I have a real fear that I may be managed out of the business if the opportunity arises.

How can I best deal with this?

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Herocomplex Mon 01-Jul-19 01:18:58

That sounds miserable, why are you staying? If you’re unfairly dismissed you have legal recourse. But if the MD wants you out you can’t do anything, why would you think otherwise?

badvibes Mon 01-Jul-19 01:25:00

I'm staying as I have a lot going on in my life outside work and don't want the upheaval tbh. Although I feel dread whenever I'm likely to have contact with the MD.

I'm just looking for ways of managing this- I'm guessing if they wanted me out they'd find a way to do it, but is it worth covering my back as much as possible to make sure they don't bend the truth to find reasons to get rid of me?

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dreichuplands Mon 01-Jul-19 01:43:12

Find a new job while you have the luxury of choice.

badvibes Mon 01-Jul-19 02:02:33

They've done this to other people before - the MD's favourites have winged about other staff who've then been offered a compromise agreement/redundancy, so I know it's a possibility.

I was just hoping that if I keep my head down it might all go away (out of sight, out of mind etc). But it is starting to have a negative impact on me (which I'm up at this time in MN!)

I have so much other stuff happening at the moment I don't know if I have the strength to look elsewhere.

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dreichuplands Mon 01-Jul-19 02:08:04

It is really unfair OP. You don't have to find a new job tomorrow but keeping an ear and eye out for new opportunities might be sensible.

badvibes Mon 01-Jul-19 02:09:32

Thank you, I think I'll have to.

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Herocomplex Mon 01-Jul-19 21:07:26

If it was someone else in the firm there’s a lot you can do - keep a log of events, go to HR, talk to your manager. But the MD? HR won’t do anything, your manager can’t do anything. Is there an executive board? You could appeal to them, but unless your MD is in their sights you’re on the losing side. I’m really sorry though.
However this might be the start of a new chapter for you, a new job might put other things in a better light?

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