Anyone with a hearing loss

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ElsewhereinSunshine Fri 28-Jun-19 05:10:57

Anyone with a hearing loss, British Sign Language users, Cochlear implants etc.

What job do you do? grin How do you find doing your job with a hearing loss?

I need some inspiration!

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MT2017 Fri 28-Jun-19 20:49:46

Marketing - I sometimes wear a hearing aid, sometimes ask people to repeat themselves (more than once if I need to).

Not severe loss though, just can't hear certain levels (at all).

Used to be in sales and can hear well on the phone with the directed volume in the ear.

EBearhug Sat 29-Jun-19 03:26:42

I'm not deaf (except temporarily when I had an ear infection,) but a colleague has a cochlear implant, and a couple of others are hearing impaired.

We work in IT for a multinational - coleagues are often in totally different locations, so a lot of communication is by email and instant messenger as well as video calls - which might help with lip reading on a good connection, but sometimes, people working from home get a bit pixelated.

We do quite a few webinars and if they're recorded (e.g training sessions,) you're meant to use a program which adds closed captions automatically - though IME, it needs a lot of editing if it was a technical presentation! When it's done, subtitles are also helpful to the many colleagues whose first language isn't English. That also means we'Re all used to repeating things and rephrasing them, as not everyone is completely fluent.

One colleague who is deaf in one ear usually chooses to sit on one side of the room rather than the other, or walk on just one side of you, so his working ear is nearest, and sometimes he just reminds us why he's doing that.

Probably depends on the level of deafness, but I think there's a lot technology can do these days, so it is easier to work with than 20+ years ago.

Tttravelday394 Sat 29-Jun-19 03:27:48

I know a couple of people who work in an office
I also knew someone who worked in a busy bar who used to lip read the drink orders.

MaMisled Sat 29-Jun-19 03:54:28

I work with the elderly and we understand each other! We use a very basic form of gestures and talk loudly and clearly.

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