Lack of confidence

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mrsb345 Thu 27-Jun-19 17:13:37

I have a job interview with a local county council for a job which is challenging, but I would love to do.

I quit my 'full time' job as it was just unimaginable and really affected me as a person, let alone the people I supported. But have carried on with my flexible hours job which I adore.

When I got the email to say I have an interview I got sick and anxious thinking I can't do this I'm rubbish etc. My husband and family are being supportive but I can't help but fee horrendously sick when I think about going, let alone doing the interview. I have another interview tomorrow for a role I'm very skilled and comfortable with.
Shall I go to the county council interview? Ps; this isn't a pity party. I know I need to pull my big girl pants up.

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Sarcelle Thu 27-Jun-19 17:24:27

Of course, what have you got to lose?

MT2017 Thu 27-Jun-19 20:24:04

You will always regret it if you don't go. Go to both, at least that way you will make an informed decision wink

CherryPavlova Thu 27-Jun-19 20:27:31

I think if your full time job was unimaginable, you perhaps need to think whether a local authority post is for you.
If you are excited about the role, have started planning what your life will look like and are researching the role more then I’d say go for it but be well prepared.

lljkk Thu 27-Jun-19 20:45:47

Is LA job fulltime?

mrsb345 Thu 27-Jun-19 23:01:59

@lljkk yes it is. And currently Around £4K more a year than the job I left..

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lljkk Fri 28-Jun-19 04:34:04

will the same things that stressed you out with previous FT job stress you out with this one? Do you plan to drop your smaller job if you get the fT one?

I dunno, I'm currently working 2 jobs combined about 50 hrs/week & it's starting to stress me out. So I'm keen to suggest don't overdo it again.

Di11y Fri 28-Jun-19 06:11:49

Google imposter syndrome. you must be in with a shot or they wouldn't have shortlisted you. I work for a local council and we're normal people.

KatherineJaneway Fri 28-Jun-19 06:35:33

As long as you are not potentially facing the same issues with your local county council as your full time job, I'd go for it.

Liveinthepresent Fri 28-Jun-19 15:22:45

Some practical advice - go through the job description- pick out what you think the key competencies are for the role ( if they haven’t told you them!)
Then wrote down 1-3 stories or examples where you have demonstrated these is your previous jobs. When you have the examples you will be able to see where your skills fit / where your strengths are.
This will give you confidence to take into the interview with
You .
Worked for me smile

mrsb345 Wed 03-Jul-19 21:01:19

@Liveinthepresent thank you!
I've been offered the job I was comfortable with - double the hours!
Just going to get through the other one tomorrow!.. thank you so much for your help x

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mrsb345 Wed 03-Jul-19 21:02:54

@Di11y that is very interesting! Thank you.. I've confirmed the interview for tomorrow.. wish me luck!

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mrsb345 Wed 03-Jul-19 21:05:52

@lljkk my old old FT job was alongside my part time one so I was used to jumping from one to the other but I completely agree it wears you down.
I'm lucky I can choose the hours so I would just see what happens.
Also, don't over work yourself. I know it's easier said than done...x

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Liveinthepresent Wed 03-Jul-19 22:35:10

Well done and good luck for tomorrow Mrsb !

Really glad if I helped as this time last year the preparation was what helped me most .

Keep us posted - these things tend to work out for the best !

QueenEnid Thu 04-Jul-19 08:43:23

Good luck today @mrsb345

mrsb345 Wed 10-Jul-19 21:01:21

@QueenEnid @Liveinthepresent ... I got offered both jobs!! Over the moon. Thank you so much everyone for your kind messages. It really helped x

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QueenEnid Thu 11-Jul-19 08:22:38


Liveinthepresent Thu 18-Jul-19 20:41:28

Extremely belated but huge congrats Mrs B - brilliant work !

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