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nitgel Wed 26-Jun-19 15:19:53


I am currently at a job that has a pay scale of C3 to C4. The job was advertised as ranging from C3 to C4.

Every year we have increases based on performance and I have been told at that I am at the top of C3, therefore cannot proceed any further. (so not taking into account the job was offered to go to c4)

does this sound correct? It's very frustrating!

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Isleepinahedgefund Wed 26-Jun-19 17:54:46

It usually means you are placed on either C3 OR C4, not that you automatically move onto the higher pay scale when you hit the top of c3. Processing to a higher pay scale is achieved by getting a promotion.

For instance, sometimes in Civil Service a role is advertised across two grades and the final offer is made depending on experience, and you’d go onto the relevant pay scale. If, for instance, the job is g6/G7, if you’re placed on the lower G7 payscale you can only get to G6 by going through a promotion exercise.

nitgel Wed 26-Jun-19 18:50:34

Thank you. that sort of makes sense although getting a promotion for the same job sounds annoying. ah well time to look further afield then.

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