How would you handle this?

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Dizzylin Sat 22-Jun-19 14:27:37

I seem to be having issues with the highest manager in the office and it's starting to get to me.

At first I thought I was being paranoid (perhaps I am) but I am begging to wonder if I'm right.

A few months ago a new manager started, she is in charge of the whole office and is my bosses boss.

I've had the feeling that she doesn't like me for a while, nothing specific just a vibe I got from her.

Recently, after I've walked back to my desk when have been over to discuss something with her, she makes some sort of comment. This is loud enough for me to hear something has been said but not loud enough for me to hear what she's said and the woman who sits across from her laughs.

I had also asked her 4 times for something that I needed and only she can provide but it took my manager to ask her for the task to be done.

My manager has said she can be very bitchy and her and some other women like to sit and bitch about other people. These all have high level jobs within the company.

I'm starting to dread having to talk to her.

How would you approach this?

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Dizzylin Sat 22-Jun-19 14:28:02


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sackrifice Sat 22-Jun-19 14:30:42

Always go through your manager.

ICantBelieveIDidThis Sat 22-Jun-19 14:33:21

Don't talk to her.

If you have to make contact with her, email her and CC your immediate line manager.

Anything you need to request from her needs to go through your ILM.

MarvellousMayhem Sun 23-Jun-19 05:29:36

Sorry OP. That sucks. Why do people behave like this?
Do you need to deal with this person directly?
Agree with others if you do need to deal with her, cc your ILM or ideally just go through your ILM.

Dualmum Sun 23-Jun-19 06:09:16

Sorry you have to deal with such a person. I never understood how people in these positions can act like they're 12 years old it's so unprofessional. My advice would be to always go through your manager when something is needed and if something needs to be asked to this person directly then always go through email so you've got a paper trail of what what asked and the timescale she's taken to do it for you. Keep clear of her.

Dizzylin Sun 23-Jun-19 08:13:42

Thank you for your replies, you are all right I think I need to avoid her as much as possible. The only time I'll have to go direct to her is when my manager is on holiday but thankfully that won't be very often.

I'm also going to make my manager aware of the issues tomorrow. I know she will back me up, thankfully she's a great manager.

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