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mumtobe1984 Fri 21-Jun-19 15:59:40

Hi All
I currently work as a PA for a director in the NHS, I have been here 12years in the Trust, 3 years in this particular role. I am the 'go to' person, have a lot of responsibility but to be honest I'm having the absolute pee taken out of me here. I like my boss and close colleagues and feel very happy with my team however I am currently on a band 4, top of the pay scale and we have other band 4 staff here who do absolutely nothing and get away with it. I am not the type to be a grass but when I have mentioned it to my director casually, she makes it obvious that she doesn't appreciate what I'm saying.
The staff either pretend they don't know how to do something so I end up having to do it, or they do a task terrible so they don't get asked again, and once again, good ol' me will do it.
As my Director only trusts me to do things correctly I am now bogged down covering lots of people's work and I'm so fed up of it.
my admin manager is fully aware and said she will deal with the other staff ( her hands are very tied) but I know that my director will still be expecting me to carry on covering what I've been given in the past as well as anything new that comes up in the management restructure which is coming next month (my director will have a different team but it doesn't affect my role). My Director had more or less said I wont be getting a pay rise to the next banding as she will make sure my work is 'manageable' i.e just enough so I cant moan for more pay.
I know of course, some will say, get another job however I like where I work, nice team, close to home, good benefits in the NHS but I feel like my director is quite happy for me to do everything but not respect the fact I'm doing other people's jobs that are the same banding as me and thinks I shouldn't moan or get anything out of it (ie monies!).
I am currently filling in my appraisal which she will see.
Please can someone give me some advice on how to add this on my appraisal without offending or messing it up for myself?
id like to get across I feel its a p*ss take, I'm being take advantage off and being trusted and seen as reliable when others aren't which she is aware of, It should be reflected in my progression. I'm thinking with a new restructure coming up this could be a good time to strike with an opportunity to progress.

thanks all xx

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Lougle Fri 21-Jun-19 16:03:27

NHS posts are banded by the role, not the person. It doesn't matter if you are amazing and go over and above. If your role is a band 4 role, then that's that. You'd need to find a band 5 role and apply for it. Sorry, but that's Agenda for Change for you.

mumtobe1984 Fri 21-Jun-19 16:05:57

I agree with you, I know about the agenda for change for there are lots of staff here being given 10%/20%uplifts, 'acting up' to higher bands going on 3 years long which isn't really allowed. it just seems to be a free for all at my work

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m0therofdragons Fri 21-Jun-19 18:22:11

You can ask for consideration for your role to be re banded and suggest you be considered as a "senior PA" although I would say that all our PAs are 4s.

HippyChickMama Fri 21-Jun-19 18:27:21

I think you'll struggle to get a band 5 in the NHS without being clinical or applying for a management role. As others have said it's the role that's banded regardless of how well you do that job.

mumtobe1984 Fri 21-Jun-19 19:31:39

It's not so much at being amazing, if what I'm actually doing is way more than what's on my job description then I should be given an uplift like others do. We have band 5/6 here doin PA work not managing... As I said, policy isn't followed, they do what thry like, this is why I'm so frustrated

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soccerbabe Fri 21-Jun-19 19:42:36

have a look on nhs jobs, OP, nationally for Band 5 PA/Admin roles (there are some, granted not that many out there), and see if they are similar to what you are currently doing and require the same level of training/experience. If they are, that gives you a stronger case for going to the Union (if a member) and asking for help with looking at getting the banding reconsidering.

big yourself up at your appraisal by all means, but doing your colleagues down will get you nowhere tbh. social rules of the workplace, I'm afraid.

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