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allaboutthatsass Wed 19-Jun-19 07:13:24

I'm trying to get out of my public sector job that I've been in since graduation, so 16 years ago, so I'm probably out of touch with the application process.

I applied for two jobs.

One was a non-academic professional job in a university. Closing date was the 3rd June but it's still showing as submitted, no status update. I emailed and they said they are still shortlisting. How long does it normally take for universities to get back to you? Apparently they also check references before shortlisting which also concerns me as although I have a clean work record, my manager is a cow and I wouldn't put it past her to say something negative.

The second job had a closing date of the 12th June, so only a week has passed, this is a charity, but as an interview would involve going to another part of the country for the interview, I'd kind of like to know soon if I am a candidate so I can make arrangements.

What is the normal length of time to hear back?

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Viviene Wed 19-Jun-19 07:42:04

Depends on the organization. Two-three weeks isn't unusual if you are successful, if you don't hear after that time you can assume you weren't successful.

You will normally get a week's notice about an interview.

stucknoue Wed 19-Jun-19 07:43:15

It usually takes 1-2 weeks but they don't always contact you if you are not successful

DontPressSendTooSoon Wed 19-Jun-19 19:04:39

I'd say its more common than not to just get 'radio silence' if you aren't invited for interview. And increasingly, even after the interview if they don't want you.

Chewbecca Wed 19-Jun-19 19:16:03

We can take aaaaaaages.

Expressedways Wed 19-Jun-19 19:22:37

I think this is so variable you really can’t ask what’s the norm and get an accurate answer. I applied for a job once, presumed I hadn’t got it and took another job elsewhere, 3.5 months later they asked me to come in to interview... I declined.

WhiteCat1704 Wed 19-Jun-19 20:34:45

Veries massively. Recently waited 2weeks after closing date for an interview invite and further 2 for the actual interview.

Also recently submitted 4 aplications in one day. Got a rejection to one 2days later. Heard nothing at all from two-but might still..and for one got a phone call one day later, got an interview within a week and a job offer few days later.

Tututut Wed 19-Jun-19 23:11:09

In my experience i think it is common pratice NOT to hear anything if they are not taking it any further with you when you are at the submitting an application stage. I know that sounds harsh but is appears to be the norm now.

daisychain01 Thu 20-Jun-19 05:48:05

It's a numbers game, OP I would keep applying for roles at lots of other companies rather than 'hang your hat' on having success with these two companies. It gives you more options.

Nowadays references tend to be factual not testimonials so your previous manager may not have the opportunity to slag you off if they only need role title and dates of employment. And if she's that vindictive, then that's her issue, you will escape and she will not be able to stop you even if she tries to scupper your chances. Karma!

allaboutthatsass Thu 20-Jun-19 15:36:25

another rejection today for a job I had the qualifications and experience for.

And its always "we do not provide feedback"

Which is rather shit

Starting to think its the disabilities now.

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Jackyjill6 Thu 27-Jun-19 05:04:57

If you are public sector, does your organisation offer anything like job coaching? I know people that have had help with applications, presentations and interview techniques which have been really helpful to them getting new roles.

allaboutthatsass Thu 27-Jun-19 07:58:58

not in my company know although I have had career coaching

I've now had 3 rejections, not even getting interviews for things I am perfectly qualified and experienced for.

I don't want anything fixed term or lower salary than what I'm on and that seems to be almost everything that is advertised. I just can't afford to do that.

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msmith501 Thu 27-Jun-19 08:23:28

From my experience both as someone seeking jobs on the last and someone who recruits a lot via agencies, it seems to be more the norm now not to provide feedback. What really shocked me recently was an applicant who contacted me directly (which is fine) to ask for feedback and I hadn't even received their CV despite them being perfectly qualified. It turns out the agency got over 200 applications which were either filtered by hand by someone with no knowledge of the industry or by some sort of automated process using a key word search algorithm and once twenty or so CVs had been identified for a short listing, the rest seemed to have been filed for future reference (binned). Equally, I often get agencies emailing me for jobs such a Cardiologist simply because I have the word "consultant" in a previous job title in my CV (true story I promise and I work in IT).

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