Employer making me change hours

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flowerbomb1982 Sat 15-Jun-19 13:43:16

Hi I have worked in my role 2 years. I work set days 4 days per week same hours each day. This is enough to get the job done and have never been behind or had complaints.

We have a new manager who has been nothing but upsetting for staff she changed the holiday policy straight away to hours rather than days (I had no problem with this) but it made a lot of people worse off some better off. She is intimidating and mocks people behind their backs. Low level banter. She's been giving out disciplinarians left right and centre although had to retract a Verbal also warning when the staff member pointed out she didn't as per procedure issue her with a letter giving notice a warning was going to take place and offer an accompaniment.

Back to me so she is insisting I work 5 days rather than 4 and cannot give a specific business reason that is true. My contact just says the amount of hours 25 between mom and fri but my actual offer letter states the exact days and hours which I have worked without incident. It would have been reasonable for her to know I have childcare commitments and cannot work the new schedule she is proposing. My question is can I refuse to the new schedule and raise a grievance ? No other staff member has been told we have to work over 5 days just me. The reasons she is giving for the change do not stand up at all. I have to ask myself the real motif behind the change as she would know I can't work these hours and if I don't agree to them what can they do ? I would have to leave (forced) because due to childcare I don't have and/even if I did couldn't afford would put me in poverty and massive disadvantage.

I know the proposed change has not come from the business owners just her idea.

I plan to respond my reasons why I cannnot change and if we cannot resolve informally then I will raise a grievance but my question is can they sack me if I refuse to work their new pattern. Also need to point out said pattern is not essential to business it's an admin role which could be done any time anywhere not customer faces or appointments etc.

Thanks in advance

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SemperIdem Sat 15-Jun-19 13:49:12

They can change your hours, yes. If you don’t agree they can give you 12 weeks notice of the unilateral change to your contract.

You can still grievance it.

flowery Sat 15-Jun-19 13:59:41

”They can change your hours, yes. If you don’t agree they can give you 12 weeks notice of the unilateral change to your contract.”

Where did you get that from?! That’s completely inaccurate advice.

OP they can’t just unilaterally give notice and change your terms and conditions, no.

Write to your manager saying that you have considered the proposed change to your terms and conditions and unfortunately you are unable to give your consent to the change at this time, therefore will continue working your established contractual hours.

It can be possible for an employer to force through a change. They would need to consult, seek agreement, if no agreement reached, seek compromise, and ultimately could terminate employment and then reinstate on new terms. In order to do that with minimal legal vulnerability they’d need to have a solid business reason and to have gone through a proper consultative process.

Just literally giving notice of a change without that would be breach of contract and could even be constructive dismissal.

SauvignonBlanche Sat 15-Jun-19 14:04:10

Are you in a union OP? Time to get in touch with them if you are.

SemperIdem Sat 15-Jun-19 14:40:36

You’re quite right flowery - sorry op, please ignore my poor advice!


You’ll find the above link helpful

flowerbomb1982 Sat 15-Jun-19 16:53:49

Thanks for all replies smile

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