Manipulative boss, do I leave after 7 months?

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sipow Thu 13-Jun-19 10:23:28

I started a new job last December and my boss has been a bit of a nightmare.

When I first started she was being really controlling over my hours, the office is quite flexible with people fitting work around other commitments however my boss was very prescriptive over me working 9 - 5:30 with a half an hour break even though she herself comes in around 10 leaves at 5 sometimes earlier if she fancies it.

At my previous job I managed two people and had complete ownership of my workload, my manager fully trusted me. I knew this job had no management and I was fine with that but my manager will not give me any ownership, she gives me the little tasks and any bigger picture strategy she takes for herself (not telling me) which prohibits me from fully being able to do my job as I don't know what is going on. She makes me copy her into every email and then undermines me regularly by not giving me the opportunity to reply to an email.

She keeps information from me constantly and makes me do pointless jobs which she then dismisses.

I have tried to raise having more ownership on two occasions, once at 3 months and again this week. She does not react well to this and tells me that this isn't possible and I am only new so can't expect this. She saw my CV and conducted two interviews so I am confused why she continues to treat me like a skivvy and assistant.

The one really worrying episode was when she had to do a latest estimate for the year and the budget spread sheet was set up wrong so I explained to her how I had done latest estimates in the past and added in the correct columns, the next day she emailed me explaining what a budget was and saying she hoped I had a better understanding now, she had copied in her boss!! I can't trust her!

I would go to her manager but he is hardly in the office and travels very often, other people in the wider team have tried to address issues they have and he has told them that he will speak to them at some point but never commits. One employee he manages was off ill for a year and came back at the start of the year and is still trying to have a meeting with him!

I have thought about moving to a different role internally but the HR team informed me that I have to seek manager permission which I don't think would go down well at all.

The thing is I am constantly thinking about work, with my old job when I left the office I completely switched off but with this job I think about it 24/7 - when I go to sleep, all weekend...

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KatherineJaneway Thu 13-Jun-19 10:28:02

I'd get out, she sounds a right nightmare and those type of people don't change.

Hecateh Thu 13-Jun-19 14:15:02

Nightmare -
Also easier to get a job whilst you've still got one though so don't resign until you have something to go to

Shine116 Thu 13-Jun-19 16:34:39

Thank you both, yes I won't resign until I have something else, need to money!

Isleepinahedgefund Thu 13-Jun-19 17:25:49

I’d move on ASAP too - it sounds like not only is your manager a nightmare, but there is no way to address it as it sounds like her manager has pretty much abdicated the people management to the ether. I wouldn’t try and address it with her yourself, it will end in tears on your part.

DontPressSendTooSoon Thu 13-Jun-19 21:08:11

I started a job with a boss that sounds like this a bit, I cut my losses and left after 3 months, boss stopped speaking to me after I raised concerns to her boss so I resigned there and then long story.

It was a nightmare at the time but it didn't look as bad as I feared when I went for other jobs, most interviewers were understanding of a blip if it's a one off.

I'm now in a job I love with lots of autonomy. So.. leave, but may be keep your cards close to your chest if you need to maintain an income.

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