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pabm9 Wed 12-Jun-19 12:02:48


I found a new and well-paid job and I'll start on 24th June. However, in the past, my current employer used to retaliate by discounting from monthly salaries the costs of phones, branded coats and branded folders given to employees. So by the last working day of the month leaving employees received an incomplete salary, even when they lawfully returned these goods to my current employer (The excuse of my current employer "We did not receive anything from you by post").

I of course will return all the tools they gave me (phone, coat, folder), however I really doubt they will pay me my complete monthly salary (1st - 22nd June) by the 28th of June if I tell them I'll leave the 22nd of June.

According to my contract I have one week notice. I can be honest, keep tied to my contract and give them notice one week before 22nd June, but unfortunately, they won't do the same. They'll try to cheat on me.
I am not interested in getting a reference from this employer, these past 2 months have been a complete hell working for them. I don't even think I'll put this work experience on my CV to be honest.
Regarding the stuff they gave me, former colleagues sent the items back via tracked/signed post but in spite of that Head Office stated it didn't receive anything, hence former colleagues were charged and their salary payment reduced unfairly.

HR Department of this company is completely useless, they do not answer neither emails nor phone calls. If they do this to me being a current employee, it'll be worse when I leave.
What should I do?

Should I start my new job without telling my current employer I'm leaving and do so when my salary is finally safe in my account the 28th of June? I'm a bit desperate as I really need every pound of my current salary/job.
I work home/field based, no office work, I do not go to an office, so I think there might be an escape route between the 24th and 28th of June.
I am seriously thinking on disappear from their trackers for that week (24th to 28th of June) and then go live the 29th.
Staff did this in the past and they still work for my company.

What do you think?

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LIZS Wed 12-Jun-19 12:06:37

No you can't lie to your current employer and start your new job. Type a list of all equipment etc returned and ask whoever you hand it to to sign a receipt. If they dispute it you can make a claim online for deductions.

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