Appraisal/ Review tomorrow - any advice...?

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nonickno Tue 11-Jun-19 20:00:18

I’ve been with company for 2.5 years but only employed by them for 4 months (hence the review). I work really hard ( so much to do!), do extra hours at home, and haven’t had a pay rise since I started.
How do I professionally ask for :
1. A pay rise,
2. An extra hour of work a day,
3. To work from home one day a week.
It’s an admin/ accounts role for £10 an hour.
I could get the same wage working at a supermarket nearer home for far less stress.
I know I will get flustered and intimidated by my boss. She is very manipulative. Any advice for nailing an appraisal? Thank you!

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Skiphoppa Tue 11-Jun-19 22:24:16

Leave go and work for the NHS they have loads of Admin / finance roles where you will get better pay, some pay profession and good annual leave any benefits.

Sorry didn’t really answer your question!

flowery Tue 11-Jun-19 22:59:46

How have you been ‘with the company for 2.5 years’? Agency worker?

It would seem the best time to negotiate was when you were taken on as an employee 4 months ago. Has the workload increased significantly since then?

nonickno Wed 12-Jun-19 00:11:37

I was self-employed. No holiday pay or sick pay etc.
4 months ago I told them I was leaving as I wanted a permanent role with more hours - so they employed me and gave me more hours, I wasn’t brave enough to ask for a pay rise too.
The work load has increased and I feel as if I’m constantly firefighting.
I just don’t want to go in tomorrow sounding negative and needy but I have to be assertive and professional....

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RainbowMum11 Wed 12-Jun-19 00:47:32

Normally as freelance you would be paid more per hour than an employee to cover holiday, sickness, pension etc, so being taken on permanently gives you the security off-set by salary.
However, if your workload and responsibilities have increased, use that as leverage for a salary increase- research similar salaries for similar job in the local area.

cheeseypuff Wed 12-Jun-19 10:56:40

Just say what you've said here.
1. since you went permanent your workload has increased
2. You need extra hours to cope with this
3. Since you are doing more work now you would like to be remunerated in line with this hence the payrise.
4. You feel you could be more productive if you were able to work from home 1 day per week - have some reasons to justify this though.

Good luck!

flowery Wed 12-Jun-19 11:37:05

It's probable you were not genuinely self-employed if you were an administrator, and if you're now doing the work employed. So you're probably owed a lot of holiday pay. Whether someone is employed or self-employed isn't something either the individual or the employer can choose - it is defined by the nature of the relationship between the parties and the nature of the work.

You could potentially be genuinely self-employed as an administrator if you (for example) have your own business providing admin services to several clients, can choose your own hours, can choose where to work, can choose what to charge, could send a substitute, and various other things.

If you are paid by the hour, why are you doing extra hours for no pay? Make sure your timesheet reflects the hours you are putting in, and if your employer won't approve the extra hours, don't do them.

Research what similar roles are paid locally, so you can ask for the correct figure dictated by the marketplace.

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