Maternity leave/pension 2017

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Rvrob22 Tue 11-Jun-19 16:15:39

Hi all,

I was working full time for a different employer when I went on maternity leave in December 2016. The auto-enrolment into a pension had begun in September 2016 and my employer was paying 1% (I think - whatever the minimum was!) into my pension pot. I don't know why I've only just looked at this now, but I've realised when I was on maternity leave, my employer was only paying me £1.50 into my pension pot per month, whilst I'd been paying in about £30 prior to going on mat leave. I was of the understanding that they should have been paying me the same as what they paid whilst I was working normally. My employer was really difficult about me going on mat leave - for example, they did me out of about 2/3 days annual leave even though I was contractually allowed them, but I had given up fighting them by then.

I think I'm owed around £200 or so for my pension off them - but do you think it's worth chasing them? It's almost 2 years later now and I'm not sure of my rights. But I'm a single mum so saving as much as I can in my pension is really important to me!!

Thanks in advance :-)

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