How to give notice?

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flamingo40 Wed 05-Jun-19 11:07:37

I've been offered a fantastic new job
I'm stressing about giving notice .
My boss is awful. She treats me with no respect.
I hurt myself at work a few months ago, not once have they shown compassion or concern? Just wanted to know when I was going back!

So I have to give one months notice... I'm on annual leave next week
To be honest I feel like walking out...
What to do?

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EskewedBeef Wed 05-Jun-19 11:10:51

Hand in your notice today, there aren't many other options really. They might not want you to work your notice period, but in all likelihood they will. Start counting down the days smile

BIWI Wed 05-Jun-19 11:12:27

You write them a letter stating that you have been offered a new job, therefore you are handing in your notice.

Ask for clarification of your last official day at work as well.

Good luck!

SunshineSpring Wed 05-Jun-19 11:14:58

6 June

Dear Boss,

Please accept this letter as notice of my resignation.
I understand I have 1 months notice, and therefore expect my last day in the office to be 5 July. If it is different from that please let me know before my annual leave next week.



Minta85 Wed 05-Jun-19 18:54:48

My company intranet has information on how to give in your notice and what needs to be included in the letter.

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