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PookieDo Sun 02-Jun-19 21:46:43

firstly this is NHS!

I was offered 15 hours better paid in another job outside of NHS (did not interview, was approached) and put in a formal request to my employer to reduce my current job down to 3 days per week which was denied.

I turned the 15 hours down. The head hunter came back and offered me a full time job at a higher pay grade than what I am currently earning

I handed my notice in immediately. The contract I signed when I first started some years ago said 4 weeks notice so I have given 4 weeks notice (2 left)

I was given a promotion a year ago - no contract given or signed, no interview and notice period not discussed at any point

But I am fully aware that my pay grade in the official HR policy has an 8 week notice period...

I gave my notice to HR 2 weeks ago and never heard anything back from them since

I will contact them again but I also don’t want to provoke the hornets nest to give them to chance to screw me over really, by making my life difficult. The organisation I work for is hemorrhaging staff at an alarming rate in the past 6 months

The second problem I have is that my manager is off on long term sick and doesn’t even know I am leaving yet. She might be back this week, who knows

For many reasons I can’t wait to leave but does anyone know if they can hold me to 8 weeks?

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flowery Sun 02-Jun-19 22:15:29

No. Your notice period is what is in your original contract unless you have received written notice of any change, and agreed to it.

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