Should I give notice now or later?

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whatshappening101 Sat 01-Jun-19 13:26:20

I work in a caring environment, been there since end of Feb. Job was (for me temporary stop gap until I got a uni place). I've been successful on obtaining a place for my course and am planning to leave my current job earlier than the course start to spend time with DCs over the long summer holiday, as this is the last year that I won't have to juggle leave and childcare.

My contract states I have to give 1 weeks notice but we are very short staffed and to only give a week when I know i plan to leave at end of June seems unfair, if I tell them on Monday they can plan to try and backfill my post so not to leave them in the lurch. My only worry is that they will ask me to go immediately and I would quite like the wages for this few weeks (though not a disaster if I don't get them as we don't rely on my income at all).

In my shoes would you let them know ASAP or give the contracted 1 week notice?

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flowery Sat 01-Jun-19 14:06:43

If they are very short staffed why would they want to get rid of you sooner?

lboogy Sat 01-Jun-19 14:13:47

Give a weeks' notice. They have to pay you for your notice even if they ask you to go. When you give your notice, you can offer to stay on for a bit longer to help them with the current staff shortage

whatshappening101 Sat 01-Jun-19 14:14:49

@flowery good point! Hadn't thought of it that way!!

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flowery Sat 01-Jun-19 15:06:57

I mean if you’re in doubt, of course give a week’s notice, but if you’re able to give more I’m sure that would be appreciated and unlikely they're going to get rid of you sooner!

YouBumder Sat 01-Jun-19 15:08:43

I’d just give a week. If they want staff to work longer notice periods they should ask for them.

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