Training Sessions, why do some people behave like this????

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donutrehomer Wed 29-May-19 21:51:13

Work training session today, trainer (not qualified trainer but our manager) talking from powerpoint handout and their own notes. It was just myself and a work colleague in the training and my colleague kept talking over the manager, every bullet point was an excuse for them to talk for ages on a non-related topic. She self-justifies as she speaks as well, so it is a really long winded rambling way of expressing herself.

Alternatively, she would argue every point raised with a work experience at a different company. It went on and on, the session was supposed to take 90 minutes. It took almost four hours, I was taking nothing in by the end of it and I am the kind of learner where I like to listen to the trainer, take notes and really want to glean 100% from the session. I failed to achieve that and I am now really hacked off about it.

I should add that this it isnt a one-off, she did the same at an external training session a few weeks ago.

I blame the manager, they should have dealt with it, but instead they let this girl go on and on and then when I asked a relevant question I got told to be quiet, that they were behind and had to hurry up? WTAF? Then the girl in question just carried on doing the same and they didnt say anything to her. I feel this enabled her behaviour and totally disregarded my training needs.

I find it so annoying, it affects my training and shows no respect for the manager or my learning in the training session.

Most of what she was saying isn't relevant to the course anyway!!!

How do I deal with this, we are going to be trained together for the forseeable future.

Does anyone have any coping strategies I can use when she is full-flow and the trainer has lost the ability to take back control.

She is very self-absorbed and overpowering, other colleagues have also complained about her behaviour. In the very short time we have worked together, it has wound me up so much that it is starting to impact on how much I enjoy my new job.

Any ideas or non passive-aggressive coping strategies that can help me with this would be great, thanks.

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PuppyMonkey Wed 29-May-19 21:55:41

I’d just feed everything you’ve said here back to your manager and ask that future trainers rein her in.

daisychain01 Wed 29-May-19 22:08:33

If the trainer can't control their delegate, to the extent the training dragged on for 4 hours, then they are a complete pushover and don't know how to facilitate properly.

instead they let this girl go on and on and then when I asked a relevant question I got told to be quiet, that they were behind and had to hurry up?

Raise it directly to the trainer, at the time, that you need to ask a question and they should please give you 'air-time' to ask your question,

How many more of these sessions do you have? They sound like a complete time-sink. Can't they just give you the PPT slide deck and you do it as an 'eLearning, then revert with a list of specific questions by email?

donutrehomer Wed 29-May-19 22:25:33

It's six months of training, with ongoing training afterwards.

I'm just going to have to pull on my big girl knickers and say something at the next session.

It's all very draining to be honest, it's impacted on my enjoyment of my new job.

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PavlovaFaith Wed 29-May-19 22:27:34

I think I'd have left after the 90 minutes.

Sorry, I've got shit to do.

daisychain01 Wed 29-May-19 23:08:45

lol Pavlova either that, or I'd have nodded off!

Your manager sounds like a wet weekend donut grin

daisychain01 Wed 29-May-19 23:09:43

Or I'd have gone off to the ladies and "forgotten" to come back...

magicBrenda Wed 29-May-19 23:11:57

Absolutely feed it back to your manager. It’s a complete waste of time and company money.

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