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Liyana Tue 21-May-19 19:24:15

Hi all
Really hoping some payroll staff on here who could help me. Basically I work 25 hours a week and not Fridays or weekends. I took unpaid leave for 8 days from 6th May to 17th - although it’s two weeks as I’m part time I don’t work Fridays It’s actually only 8 working days for me - if I was to book annual leave I would have booked 8.
On this occasion I took unpaid and have just been paid I am very surprised at the calculation. I have had 11 days deducted and the calculation used is my monthly salary/days in the month x the number I’d calender days from start to end of my leave. This means weekends and Fridays have been included so it’s 11 days deducted. Is this the norm? I feel like I’m being disadvantaged as I wouldn’t usually book those days as they are non working days!
Any advise much appreciated

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Diaryofalways87 Tue 21-May-19 19:28:16

I work in payroll smile I would calculate your unpaid leave by dividing your annual salary by 52 (for your weekly salary) and then multiply it by 2. Doesn't sound like it's been calculated right to me.

ChessieFL Thu 23-May-19 07:09:10

What would the answer be if they did monthly salary/number of working days in the month x 8?

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