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Rezie Tue 21-May-19 18:58:54

I'm applying for a job in the NHS. In the employment history section it reads "Current/most recent employer (reference always required)" and it ask the job title and a phone number to the person I'm reporting to.

I'm not comfortable them contacting my manager. Maybe if I have the job, but not before that. I've provided laternative professional reference in the reference section. If I put down my managers informaton, will they have the right to contact them? Do they ever do that?

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Polarbearflavour Tue 21-May-19 19:01:31

I just put down HR. Everywhere I’ve worked will only give a basic HR reference confirming dates and job titles.

Rezie Tue 21-May-19 19:08:55

Everywhere I've worked I've recieved a piece of paper that confirms the dates and job titles. I provide a copy of this paper to the future employer. References have always been personal about me as an employee.

So I could get away with putting my managers title and then the general HR number?

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Polarbearflavour Tue 21-May-19 19:11:50

Do you HAVE to put in the manager’s details? I don’t think I’ve done so and I’ve just had a job offer. For all the references, I’ve put HR contact details.

oliviat93 Tue 21-May-19 19:13:46

Isn't there a box you can tick whether it's okay to contact your references prior to interview?
I work for the NHS and have never had my manager contacted for a reference before actually accepting a job.

Hope that helps.

Rezie Tue 21-May-19 19:21:43

There is no red * to indiate a mandatory field, but written instructions state "Current/most recent employer (reference always required)". There is no box to tick that I don't want them to contact her. In the reference part you can tick the box if they can be contact pre interview. I get asking for current managers job title to indicate something (posibly band) but I'm not a fan of this phonenumber thing especially when I already provided references.

I've always been requested a personal reference instead of just dates . Now the trouble is to ind the HR phone numbe. You'd expect that to be somewhere on the website :D

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YeOldeTrout Tue 21-May-19 19:29:27

They won't contact your current employer for reference until after the job offer has been made, ime. Few would-be employers contact before interview + offer made ime.

BuffySummerss Tue 21-May-19 19:33:57

There should be a section to tick that says you don't want your employer contacted unless you have been offered the job. I work for the nhs and there was that option on my application. There should be an email address option for the reference though as HR can't spend time ringing someone up who may or may not be around to take a call and give a reference over the phone. You should put your managers direct email unless otherwise told.

LashesZ Tue 21-May-19 19:36:48

In my Health Board, the employment is done by the employment department. It's all online and standard that an email gets sent to your reference following the agreed contract of employment. I know it's possible to contact pre interview, but It's not standard practice for us here.

slingthegin Tue 21-May-19 19:40:47

Just been through this. Ticked the box requesting that current employer not contacted til after interview. I've been given a conditional offer and new HR have emailed me to check it is ok to now seek references. Why are you worried OP? You should not be discriminated against for applying for a new job. People understand that people move on.

Rezie Tue 21-May-19 19:41:52

In the reference section there is the box thing and I've provided phone numbers and the email address of my reference.

In the employment history is says "Current/most recent employer (reference always required)". Thats asks to provide the title of manager and phone number (no email). No section to tick any boxes. These are not mandatory fields with the * but there is the written instruction what I wrote above. Technically I could write nothing an hope they don't notice.

It's unlikely they will contact her, but I don't like the risk. Previously I worked in a smaller industry where people really talked. I'm not sure I'd be happy for them to contact her even when I was close to offer, she is a..character.

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Rezie Tue 21-May-19 19:48:10

With this particular job it is one of those "looks fine. I'll give it a shot" so I really don't want them to contact manager until we have agreed that job is practically mine. I know my manager cannot discriminate but I don't really want to reveal my cards. If I know they won't contact her until then, I'd feel a lot better about it. Most likely it will be like that.

To be fair, I haven't had much luck with interviews so this can be a totally moot point to worry anyways :D

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BuffySummerss Wed 22-May-19 09:53:32

The employment section isn't the same as the reference section. They only contact references you have provided in the reference section. They are just stipulating one of your references must be your current employer. If you are concerned about it speak to them at the interview, they won't contact anyone before interviewing you and they don't usually do it without your permission.

nooddsocksforme Wed 22-May-19 10:11:26

I have been an interviewer for nhs jobs several times. References were only checked after an offer was made and accepted. Offers were “ subject to references” .

ToldThisStoryB4 Wed 22-May-19 20:23:23

NHS has no resources to chase references before job is offered.

Rezie Wed 22-May-19 20:36:26

If my current employer must be a reference in the reference section. Then what is the point of asking fo guy mangers name, title and phone number in the employment history section?

The reference section says to use references that have agreed to supply reference (so in general not a current manager). References are required to comment on competence, personality qualities etc. Such as line/department manager (so no random hr people). No mention of current manager. So if they want my managers detials in the reference section, then the instructions are terrible.

I guess I really don't get the point of having a reference section and then another section where I have to write my current and former managers contact info.

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