To think Linkedin is a waste of time

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chalkheath Sun 19-May-19 10:31:30

At my firm we are strongly encouraged to use linkedin, and to network via it. It can bring in clients, but also it’s good for the firm and its people. However, lots of people seem to be unresponsive on there.

I went to an event with a speaker who’s part of another firm that I am thinking of applying to move to. This was a networking event and he said if anyone had questions, please add him on linkedin and ask him there, as he loves engaging with people.

So I duly sent a nice message with my question. He’s read it, and a week later still no reply. Am I right in thinking it’s really just a waste of

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daisychain01 Sun 19-May-19 11:14:15

Treat it as a 'tool for the job', it is a good way of gaining exposure on a professional platform where you know people will behave well and it isn't dumbed down with photos of kittens, stupid videos of cake smashing parties and people's dinners on holiday.

It can start a conversation but it isn't a communication platform like Facebook, people don't live on it the whole time.

BrokenWing Sun 19-May-19 12:20:41

It has it's uses. I have been contacted for job opportunities, I have colleagues from previous jobs asking for support/recommendations for interviews at my current company. I have colleagues from previous roles/companies saying they were looking for someone in my field and did I know anyone suitable who was "looking" etc.

If I was looking for a new role I can see if I have any contacts in that company.

It is not time consuming, I probably use it once every month or so and add on any new contacts I've met/worked with, but it is handy when needed. Good for keeping new contacts separate from facebook/personal social media. Think about it as your personal rolodex/business address book that you can take with you when you move companies.

FFSeverynameisused Sun 19-May-19 19:02:32

I use it to raise my profile and promote my work and company

However I now want to get away from my company and I'm a bit unsure of how to use Linkedin to help me with that.

I have an excellent profile, lots of recommendations and connections.

However, these connections are almost guaranteed to tell my current employer if I reach out to them for job opportunities.

So not quite sure what else to do on linkedin?

My job is extremely niche, so no recruitment agencies for this job either so can't even connect with recruiters.

redexpat Sun 19-May-19 22:09:31

I use it to follow trends and keep up to date with changes the law that affect my job. I think thrres more to be had from it in the private sphere. I have a network on there but never really got much from it, although I havent really asked for anything.

In short it is like facebook - you need to know how to make it work for your advantage

EBearhug Mon 20-May-19 15:17:02

I think it depends on your industry, too. I work in IT and I have had a number of interviews and a job offer through it, as well as going to a number of women in tech events. That doesn't mean it will be the same experience for everyone.

Hollowvictory Mon 20-May-19 15:20:22

I got my current job through being approached on linked in.

bebeboeuf Wed 22-May-19 19:48:14

I get approached regularly through LinkedIn but my job is quite high demand.
I keep saying no as I’m only part time and don’t want to go full time just yet

I think it will be the best way for me to find a new opportunity when I decide to move on

Oblomov19 Wed 22-May-19 20:18:22

I am told to update my profile constantly. But honestly I think it's rubbish.

Usuallyinthemiddle Wed 22-May-19 20:31:18

It's without doubt the biggest source of my income.

bebeboeuf Wed 22-May-19 22:28:10

usuallyinthemidde - I assume by that you are a recruiter?

SaskiaRembrandt Wed 22-May-19 22:38:57

I think it depends on the industry you work in.There seem to be a lot of people in marketing and sales, and self-publishers on there. I used to work in IT and it was useless, everyone I knew in the industry had a profile, but we were all connected to people we already knew. I never gained a single client through it - in fact, Twitter and Facebook were more useful for that - and I don't know anyone else who has.

I still login occasionally,but then I get continual prompts to buy an upgrade to access better features, so log out again.

EBearhug Thu 23-May-19 02:06:24

I used to work in IT and it was useless

I work in IT and I don't agree that it's useless at all.

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