Cannot get an interview

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RidgedPerfection Sat 18-May-19 19:27:49

I am just about to start a civilian role with the Police; interviewed for it in February. Not IT so unsure if my interview experience would be of any relevance but happy to try and help if I can. I am 42 in a few weeks' time and come from an un - related background to the job that I applied for.

HootsBootsShoots Sat 18-May-19 10:07:31

I want to change jobs, but can't get an interview. Been at my current for 10 years, I'm now 51. I always used to get any job I wanted but now cannot get past the application stage. Its not just the cv now, its the STAR method which I think I am doing ok, yet nothing!! I would like to do some police work of some sort but not uniformed..something behind the lines in IT.
Any suggestions from you lovely lot? My current work is so depressing and I need to get out. I have a lot to offer

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