Rules about having a second job?

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Whatthewhatwhat Wed 15-May-19 11:11:27

I currently work part time in the evenings and am looking for a new full time job. I still want to keep my evening job but reduce the hours. Is there any rules against this? I don’t think the new job I’m thinking about will stop be working a second job in the contract

Do I need to let my new employer know I’m working a second job?

If I book holiday from my main job, will I be allowed to work my evening job? Or do I have to book both off?

I’m trying to raise money for a house deposit and I feel like there’s so many rules and regulations stopping me from earning my full potential.

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flowery Wed 15-May-19 11:19:22

Have you read your contract with your current employer with regards to working for other employers? If there are any restrictions they should be in there.

It wouldn’t normally be reasonable for a part time employer to prevent someone taking a second job unless there was a conflict of interest or something, or if it meant the person wasn’t getting sufficient rest.

Obviously if you’re contracted to do a certain number of hours with your first job it’s up to your employer whether to let you reduce those or not.

Either employer doesn’t need to know what you’re doing while you’re on annual leave.

ThatCurlyGirl Wed 15-May-19 12:13:10

I think a high proportion of contracts veto any work that could be seen as conflict / competitive with their company.

And many also mention thag bu signing their contract you agree to tell them before taking on any paid work elsewhere.

You'll Defo need your contract to work out how best to approach this - don't forget to look at the new jobs contract too as this may have restrictive clauses too.

Hope it all works out - good luck! thanks

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