Do you challenge your boss?

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Lushmetender Thu 02-May-19 09:40:14

I’ve worked in the same company for coming on 3 years. I started a new role in January and given oversight of a difficult client to oversee who are very title driven. The client was not overly happy with my appointment as I was a title down from my predecessor who had resigned our company however they said they’d give me a chance as long as I had oversight via my boss who is 2 titles up from me. This client is horrible and there is a big heap of staff from our company that they have discarded so projects are always in state of flux. So now comes my turn that it appears they are not happy with me. However I’ve had them constantly go to my boss and she has been dealing with their questions not pushing it down for me to deal with so I feel I’ve been piggy in the middle. Now I’ve not been given anything specific in terms of feedback. My boss just said that she’d heard that one of the project managers had said they won’t sign off on my CV as acceptable who told my bosses boss but I’ve not been given anything specific. I feel however she’s been seeking out a successor as she’s recently hired someone in same time zone at the level above me and said she can get me off the project if i want. She gave me the option to stay on the project but knows I’m wanted to get promoted and said this isn’t helping. However I’m annoyed with her as she’s been wading in like as if she’s a super hero to sort out questions and on occasion she’s been incorrect in advice she has given. I’m annoyed she’s not been pushing the questions back to me. I also think she knows more than letting on and has been prepping a successor for me for a while. Would you challenge your boss on these points as I feel I’ve been set up for failure to begin with. I do believe she is genuinely trying to help but don’t feel she’s being straight with me and is inadvertently causing the issue?

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OKBobble Thu 02-May-19 23:01:43

Or the client has said they do 't want to deal with you and therefore she answers to keep the business for the company.

She may feel that the feedback from the client means that she would be unable to support any request for promotion to the higher up decision makers. Therefore she is giving you the option to come off that project and start afresh on a different one so you can prove your worth.

The not telling you things may be to spare your feelings as she knows the client ca be overly demanding and difficult.

You sound very aggressive so at this stage I would say it would not be helpful to challenge your boss. I would suggest when you are in a better frame of mind you discuss the project in a calm manner, explain why you feel the client is unreasonable, how you felt a bit shut out and undermined by her and that you were worried how it would impact future prospects for promotion, how to jointly devise a next steps plan for promotion etc.

But seriously not now why you are so clearly angry as it wouldn't end well.

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