Can they do this?

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Outonmyear Wed 01-May-19 20:16:44

Hello, was told six weeks ago that two out of the 6 members of my team would be out of a job. I work part time and we’ve been told that they only want full time workers.
If we don’t get our own jobs then there are full time positions on another team which none of us would be particularly suitable for. They are currently being done by people on short term contracts so we were told that they would have to go to make way for two of us.
I’ve since contacted the union and have asked, and received,for it in writing that there are no part time positions.
Can they do this? They are being very vague about redundancy and clearly hope I’ll just leave. It’s been a long time coming as they hate part time workers and mothers especially but this process seems blatantly discriminatory and unfair. Got to wait another 2 weeks to get more information and then another week for union meeting (secret). I’m cracking up with the waiting!

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Outonmyear Wed 01-May-19 20:19:45

It’s a teaching job in a niche area and I’m not going to find similar work easily, I also can’t work full time because of family commitments so I know that I will be one of the ones who goes.

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snookerloopynutsarewe Wed 01-May-19 20:48:36

I am absolutely no expert but isn't there a chance that this could be considered indirectly discriminatory? What I mean is, that the majority of people who choose part-time work are female and often parents and by targeting part-time staff they could be discriminating towards women indirectly.

I've no idea if this would have any legs but it might be worth talking to your Union.

Outonmyear Wed 01-May-19 20:59:25

Thank you. I believe it is totally discriminatory - the people I work for roll their eyes when I mention that I have children. They’ve been pretty blatant about it so was doubting myself. My union is involved but still not had anything confirmed or any further information so it is an anxious time.

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