New job and pregnant!

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cj20097572 Tue 30-Apr-19 10:18:04

Hi! new here! I have just accepted a new job which is a temporary position covering maternity leave with a strong likelihood that it will become permanent. This job is a complete change for me as I was very unhappy in my previous career and employer of 8 years. I have been TTC since August and sadly suffered 2 miscarriages. Between accepting the job and my start date (next week) I have found out I am pregnant again (roughly 6+2) and I am anxious. Aware that I may miscarry again and so want to keep it quiet as long as possible but also will likely have more appointments so will have to just work them around work hours which is fine. What I am most worried about is telling my employer that I am pregnant when I am covering somebody else's maternity leave. The lady who is leaving is going on maternity leave in May and I am due in December so I won't even be there to cover the full maternity leave term. It's also a small privately owned company not a big one with lots of staff. Not sure if that matters?
C x

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