Leaving a contract - superior is arsey with me, what to do? or do nothing

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MadameDD Thu 25-Apr-19 16:11:16

I am currently working and my contract is due to end at the end of this month/start of next month. I mentioned to my colleagues that I wasn't sure if/when I would be taking my holiday (which is nothing to do with them really, is through the agency) until this week and having had a stressful week I decided to leave at the end of this week and have handed in my notice for next week but taken it as holiday. I'm taking DD out of school - already approved, not fined and we are off to Barcelona to visit a friend who lives there also with a DD, DH can't come with us but is coming for a long weekend.

Anyway, yesterday I have my 'superior' get quite arsey with me when she couldn't ring me - my work phone had broken but I forgot it was in to be fixed, and now she seems to be ignoring any emails I'm copying her in on re what to do when I leave. Also, although this person is sort of my superior there is a Business Manager who's approved everything for me. This 'sort of superior' is much younger than me and honestly she's not very good at managing people although she thinks she is, she likes to tell you what you have or haven't done wrong and on a few occasions has actually been wrong with this and I've put her right politely.

I am kind of dropping her in it re leaving soon but she knew as of yesterday morning, and there is a plan for someone/more than one person to take over my role, there's been a plan put in place recently, and she always knew I was leaving soon anyway.

What should I do? Just ignore her and forward work on etc? I try to be conscientious re work and I'm off to a new contract and I don't want to leave her with work undone etc but I can't do anything unless she co-operates with me.

It doesn't help that the role I've been in has been quite basic and a bit boring but I've done it well and my new role is a much higher role and in a more buzzy department. Since I've mentioned I'm leaving I've had lots of people say how sorry they are to see me go and how hard I work. I've also been invited to an interview for a permanent job too as legal secretary which I've done before, separate topic.

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bloodywhitecat Thu 25-Apr-19 16:35:51

Forward whatever needs forwarding and get on with working out your notice.

GaynorGoodwin Thu 25-Apr-19 19:56:13

Your leaving, not your problem. Just do your part and move on.

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