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nimbomimbo Tue 16-Apr-19 19:33:31

A good few years ago I was sacked from a job that I had been doing for 10 plus years, a job I loved which was also very well paid. I was suffering from some very bad mental health and addiction issues at the time. The company I worked for did try to help me but I was just too fragile at the time and ended up being let go on the grounds of gross misconduct.

It has taken a lot of hard work but I have managed to turn things around and have retrained and have been in employment for approximately eight years in an industry which I am so happy to work in and which has opened many doors for me.

I have often wondered if my previous employers who let me go were approached for a reference what they would say and if they declined or responded in a very non specific way what conclusions the person requesting the reference would draw from such a response.

Does anybody have any answers, been in a similar situation etc. would really appreciate any input.

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