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seen a "perfect job" but nothing wrong with job I've got and I'm on mat leave - help!

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canmummy Fri 13-Jul-07 20:34:13

I'm due back at work 11th Sept after my maternity leave - looking forward to it as I enjoy it, people are nice, only do 18 hours etc etc.

BUT dh today visited a place that are on the lookout next month for someone who does the same job as I do (but more pay) and are looking to retrain them in the near future for a different role. It seems even more perfect because I had planned on doing this training in a few years time anyway, possibly in my own time, when dd3 starts school as it would lead to a lot more pay (and responsibilty).

So do I go for it and let my place of work down? (They may get my temporary cover to stay I suppose). The major downside is they want someone for 30 hours which I'm not prepared to stretch to and I've only got childcare in place for 2 days a week. Apparently they've got my number and may ring next week

bran Fri 13-Jul-07 20:45:07

I think it's worth going to see them if they want to see you. Don't worry about letting your current employer down if you really want the job, they will manage (or they may offer you more money/training to stay).

Whether the new job would be flexible on hours depends on how difficult it is to find someone with your skills. If they really want you then perhaps they could employ an assistant for you?

canmummy Fri 13-Jul-07 20:55:20

It is quite hard to find somebody with my skills/qualifications but it's the training that really excites me (it's a 2-3 year course) as I would need a lot of supervision and support in it and to be offered that at the start would be great.

bran Fri 13-Jul-07 22:49:51

There's nothing to lose be meeting with them then.

If they gave you the hours that you want, are there any downsides to leaving your old job?

squiffy Mon 16-Jul-07 16:05:05

The morally correct thing to do of course is to speak to these people and then if an offer materialises sit down with your own firm and come clean. They may be able to match an offer, and if not they will respect you for being open with them.

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