Holiday before accrued?

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Sawyer98 Thu 11-Apr-19 01:06:43

Hi! This is all highly theoretical, just wondering.

I started a new job, I'm in my probation period. I'm confused over the holiday I'm entitled to. I assume I have to accrue the holiday days before I can use them.

Thing is, the website of my employer says that I have thirteen days remaining/allowed, which is odd as last week it said one. Have twelve additional days just appeared available to me to use at anytime (I'd only use between two and four theoretically), or is thirteen the maximum allowed this year that I have to accrue through working?

Are you allowed to have a short unpaid holiday instead of paid even if you haven't accrued it?


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Putthatlampshadeonyourhead Thu 11-Apr-19 05:26:18

It really depends.

I started my job in last August my holiday balance available from August to 01st April, was available straight away.

I have worked places where they dont let you take it until you accrued it until you past your probabtion.

You will need to ask.

You just have to remember that if you left they would take any days you took but not accrued outbid your final wage.

flowery Thu 11-Apr-19 06:28:26

No one here can tell you why 12 days have appeared on the system at work, or whether your employer will allow you to take holiday before you’ve accrued, or whether you’d be allowed to take unpaid leave. You’re just going to have to ask them!

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