Job role change whilst on maternity leave

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Miraclemumtobe Fri 05-Apr-19 15:44:19

The issue I have is that in the week prior to be going off on maternity leave in September (2 weeks holiday beforehand) there were some changes made in my company and my previously 1 man job was made into a team. My junior was made my manger, although no official communication was made, I found out accidentally.

I am returning to work next week, maternity ceased on 3rd March & I have been using my holidays up to now.

When I return it is highly likely that my role will have changed as it is impossible for 3 people (me, new manager & maternity cover - now a permanent team member).
What are my rights regarding this?

I have already voiced my concern that I was not offered the opportunity for the team manager role and I've not had any feedback as of yet.

If it went down the route of constructive dismissal would I be covered by maternity/pregnancy rights?

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singymummy Fri 05-Apr-19 15:56:18

How long was your maternity?
I believe it's something like 6 months they have to offer you the same roll. If longer the same roll or suitable equivalent.
The gov site has lots on maternity rights

Miraclemumtobe Fri 05-Apr-19 15:59:39

I've been off for less than 6 months

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flowery Fri 05-Apr-19 19:15:31

If this change happened before your maternity leave started that is relevant. What was your job at the point your maternity leave actually started?

Miraclemumtobe Fri 05-Apr-19 20:06:32

The change to my reporting manager happened before I went off on maternity leave however I was not notified.
The role I'm going back to has not officially changed however there will be changes given the team has expanded whilst I've been off.

I'm pre-empting some major changes so was wondering where I stand.

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