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mintymurray Mon 01-Apr-19 06:52:12

SO, yesterday i ran a local 10KM race sponsored by my client, at the start my HSSE manager asked to take a picture of myself , i declined stating he would put it on social media, at the end of the race i was having my photo taken by the official race photographer shaking hands with the race director ,
This morning in work i was shown a photo taken by the HSSE manager and shared on a group whats app ( which i am not part of ) Only last week we had VP HR in the office discussing GDPR and it was mentioned that you can only post photos of other people to social media with there permission, Whats app is classed as social media,
Thoughts !!

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flowery Mon 01-Apr-19 11:20:34

Presumably if by the end of the race you were having your photo taken by the official photographer, the HSSE (don’t know what that is?!) manager assumed your views had changed on the subject?

GDPR isn’t relevant- apart from anything else, it is EU legislation and your other post on the subject states that you are in India! Your employer might be subject to GDPR in respect of data they might process about staff/customers in the EU but it doesn’t apply in India.

Jessgalinda Mon 01-Apr-19 14:19:24

Someone taking a photo of someone in a public place is not a GDPR issue.

Your company may have a policy on it. But it's not GDPR. So many people throw GDPR around, but often dont understand it all. Like your VP.

He owns the photo as he took it. So legally he can post it. Wether you have a company policy around it, I cant answer. I am confused about the issue as you were having your photo taken by someone else, which will then surely get round work people anyway. Given you were doing this in relation to your client.

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