Would you relocate for a job?

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TimeForTea72 Wed 20-Mar-19 17:59:13


I am in a pickle.

I have worked in the NHS up north for over 20 years and have struggled with the long nightshifts for a while now...they are seriously affecting my health. I am also bored in the role and constantly overlooked for promotion even though I am more than qualified etc.
I applied and was offered a job down in the midlands with a private company (with a nice pay rise and company car - more than the NHS will ever give me)! A very successful company and it broke my heart to turn the job down. They wanted me to move to Birmingham and I chickened out.
Anyway, forward 10 months and I am seriously in desperate need of leaving the NHS. I have been informed, by the same recruitment agency, of another similar role and they are specifically asking for someone with >20 yrs in my field (with a lot more than what I earn in the NHS). However, again, involves relocation to close to the M4 corridor and will involve travel anywhere around that area and south Wales. Great job tbh!
But, again having doubts. They have said I can move to Bristol, Swindon, Oxford (too exp) or Reading but I am worried about the house prices down south compared to up here in the NE. I am almost mortgage free.
I also have two children (15 and 11) so this is a problem. I am not happy in my marriage though so this also complicates the situation. I really want to separate but I know I need to sort a job first. I have tried and tried to get something up here but there is nothing!

Has anyone successfully relocated? The job involves some home working so I may get away with staying down south 3 nights and then back up north for 4 days.

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jelliebelly Wed 20-Mar-19 18:23:41

Relocation without dh or kids in tow then yes but not with kids of 15 and 11 unless it is part of a grand plan to leave dh and start a fresh new life for you all.

maxelly Thu 21-Mar-19 11:30:14

I certainly would consider it in your situation, but the age of your kids would be a sticking point for me - your 15 year old must be taking GCSEs this year or next and I wouldn't want to move schools at that stage of education, it would just be too disruptive. It could be a possibility to move after GCSEs so that s/he does A levels or college in the new location but you might find that both DC are naturally really reluctant to leave their friends and generally their settled life in the NE to make a complete new start?

I do know a few people who instead of relocating for a job have rented a small place in 'new' location and stay there 3 or 4 nights a week, leaving their main house and family in 'old' location to avoid having to change schools etc., you could consider that if the new company would let you work from home maybe 1 or 2 days a week? So you could spend say Tuesday-Thursday in the SW, work from home Monday and Friday so you have 4 days at home and only 3 away? There's a lot of issues with this, not least the expense, the amount of travel (particularly if you would then also be travelling around for work as well) and the strain it puts on your relationship but something to consider, maybe in the short term pending a 'full' relocation?

Otherwise, even if this role is a no-go, that doesn't mean you should just accept your current work situation forever- it sounds like you are super - qualified and your skills sought after, can you really focus on a job search in the NE that gives you more flexibility/money? I bet your current trust are keen to keep you, would they consider a flexible working arrangement to let you work fewer unsocial hours (with the support of OH if it's affecting your health?)? Or how about a move into a more management or clinical governance or quality assurance or training/education role, or even something in the community, commissioning or public health (sorry you don't say your speciality so don't know how possible any of that would be)? I definitely think it sounds like time for a change for you! Good luck!

MiaFarrowsWheelbarrow Thu 21-Mar-19 11:45:50

We relocated for work, from North to South and I love it. Yes, our house is much smaller than I would like because of the difference in house prices and it took me a while to find friendships but essentially it is a fresh start, new beginnings and a new way of life.

Our circumstances were right at that time to move which I think was the turning point for us to make that decision; we certainly wouldn't have been able to relocate a few years earlier due to family circumstances. Only you know if the time is right for you now.

Good luck and if you go for it, enjoy your new adventure and the next stage of your life!

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