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Culog Mon 18-Mar-19 00:30:03

I feel trapped in my job. I have worked in a nursing home for 5 years since qualifying as a staff nurse. It’s as if all my skills and knowledge aren’t there anymore and I’m a glorified carer. I’m scared to move on as staff on a ward will expect more of me due to not being newly qualified but that is exactly how I feel, maybe even less than that!!!!
Working on a checkout is really appealing to me right now. I just feel totally incompetent. The few people I mentioned this to don’t really grasp my terror and just say “you’ll be fine”

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Seniorschoolmum Mon 18-Mar-19 00:46:33

Can you sign up for the odd day of agency work? Ease yourself back in gently, choose the environment with care and do it a little step at a time.

Has someone been undermining you?

I used to work across the UK in a technical role. Then I had a less mobile job for a while, and at the same time had a dp who definitely had a gradual but very negative effect on my confidence. I only realised, once we split and I had major nerves about a trip that in the past I would have done regularly.

Decormad38 Mon 18-Mar-19 01:04:01

Its quite difficult in your situation. You almost need a back to nursing course because your skills do diminish in that boat. It happened to me but I did do agency in a very supportive yet quite acute setting but I still found it tricky. Can you do volunteer shifts in a more acute setting to work along side someone. They will then come back to you.

Culog Mon 18-Mar-19 01:04:35

yes I can/am but just don’t feel capable. I’ve lost all confidence.

And yes just little comments here and there from my boss. Just feel empty and totally useless

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Culog Mon 18-Mar-19 01:05:35

I’ve been looking into this.

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jalopy Mon 18-Mar-19 06:37:51

Why not join an agency as an HCA and gain general confidence in the hospital environment. To some extent you will have an opportunity to see what is expected of the r/n. Maybe that would lessen the fear for you.

Hopefullyberidingsoon Mon 18-Mar-19 15:09:41

I think the main issue here is uou have been devalued and undermined in your current workplace and not necessarily that you are actually deskilled. I have worked in a care home and off top of my head had developed skills in palliative care, wound care, im and sub cut injections fluids, medication administration, management of seizures, pain management!! Loads more if I sat down and listed it.
How about lookibg fir a job on an elderly care ward or district nursing, and its absolutely fine to ask for support and developnent opportunities!!


Babyroobs Mon 18-Mar-19 19:38:46

I'm not sure you can work as an HCA when you are actually a qualified nurse ??

icanhearapindrop Mon 18-Mar-19 19:52:34

I would suggest trying to move in to district nursing. I had been qualified for a few years when moving in to that area, and whilst I had the background knowledge Inneeded for some of it, most skills required being specifically trained for, so it can be a really good way to almost start from scratch. In my area they are crying out for DNs, so you would have a good shot at it I should think.

Zillaindie Mon 18-Mar-19 19:55:12

Was going to suggest community nursing. I worked in a nursing home for nearly 2 years from qualifying then went straight on the district. I've never looked back!
You will have a lot of transferable skills.

Culog Mon 18-Mar-19 21:23:27

Thanks everyone. I have been looking into community work

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wigglypiggly Tue 19-Mar-19 23:20:03

If you want to work in a hospital many trusts run their own return to practice courses for nurses who have worked in non acute settings. Maybe look at community or rehab units.

CarpetDiem Wed 20-Mar-19 01:36:32

Think of all the transferable skills you have. Anyway, if it's task orientated stuff you're thinking of you can relearn to run a line through within a couple of shifts! Communicating sensitively with people with dementia/ complex needs/ EOL/ their families on the other hand (a skill I'm sure you will have honed in the nursing home) takes months/years. All employers will want to know what you can bring and offer preceptorship and a couple of weeks supernumary status to staff nurses from other areas. Please don't be so hard on yourself. Go for it- start applying for lots of jobs & get interview experience and YOU choose where you want to go. You are a valuable resource to a team- sell yourself & be honest with your learning needs. Good luck

motherone Wed 20-Mar-19 02:08:39

I am kinda in the same boat but have just accepted a new job in a totally new field i started in my current job 12 years ago with a 4 year gap. I feel really undervalued and my opinion dismissed but I don't throw my hat in the ring as such I would tend to sit Bk more which I'm my area of work is not a good thing you need to be more vocal. I am going with the understanding that there will be training and as I have never worked in this field they will understand this so fingers crossed but my mum always said regret the things you do not the things you didn't try

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